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One of the most unique aspects of Wesleyan is the Alumni Fund. Wesleyan alumni will always be loved among the community. They are the ones who have shaped Wesleyan to be what it is today. Students will always remember their special time at Wesleyan; whether that is in the classroom, on the field or spending quality time building a friendship. Teachers and faculty are people that students will never forget. Those are the people who students look up to as role models and mentors. They have given so much to students; now is the chance to give back to them.
On Apr. 11, a group of juniors and seniors worked together to raise as much money in donations for the Alumni Fund as possible. These students were a part of a telethon competition to see which grade could raise the most money. A group of alumni helped each grade to contact their old classmates. Alumnus Michael Cornelius partnered with the senior group to reach out to several alumni in hopes to raise donations, while alumnus Eric Karaszewski partnered with the juniors.
Senior peer leader Tatiana Hamade said, “The telethon was such a fun event because it was a friendly competition between each grade that was for a good cause.” Wesleyan has done so many amazing things for each student, there is really no way to repay them for what they have done, but this is one of many ways students try to give back.
The Alumni Fund is just one of many ways alumni get involved in the Wesleyan community. Some lead Bible studies, volunteer to coach a sports team or even come back to teach at the school. Drew Prehmus leads a junior boys’ Bible study that includes students George Doane, Stevie Crawford and Liam Coxhead. Doane said, “It is so awesome to have Drew be our bible study leader. He is so wise, and I know I can always turn to him for advice.”
Alex Bufton and Scott Schroer are two alumni that have come back to teach the next generation of Wesleyan students.
Freshman Mac Howie said, “Ms. Bufton is an amazing teacher and she always challenges me to do the best that I can.” Bufton is passing on what she learned as a high schooler to her students. It is so tremendous that alumni have the heart to come back and shape the current students.
Wesleyan’s school motto, JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself), teaches students to put others before themselves. Alumni donating back to the school is such a special way to give back to a community that has shaped who they are today. It is that time of year again to welcome more students into the alumni community and keep spreading God’s love to what He is doing at Wesleyan.

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