Team Bonding: Keeping the “One Body” Theme within Wesleyan Sports

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The Varsity boy’s baseball team uses games and activities to bring their team closer together. Head Coach Brian Krehmeyer said, “Our plan differs each year, but activities we have engaged in to build team chemistry includes on-campus scavenger hunts, basketball and volleyball and ping pong tournaments, the challenge of escaping from a break-out room, battles on the Whirly Ball court, laser tag games, paint ball wars, putt-putt golf, and races around Andretti.” It is crucial to establish a close knit bond so the “one body” theme can be exhibited. Junior Griffin Massey said, “We have a tradition of going to Willy’s after every win, they kind of sponsor us.” Traditions that consist of food related activity always brings a group together because of the shared love of a particular thing.


The Varsity boys’ soccer team takes part in dinners and games for team bonding. Senior Henry Beltrami said, “Before almost all the home games on Fridays, we go to coach Coxheads house and eat dinner as a team. After dinner we go play some scategories. It’s a great way to bond as a team, and everyone loves the friendly competition. Also, when we have far away games some of the seniors like Austin Luke and I bond with the younger kids and give them advice about high school.”


The girls’ basketball team has proved that a close-knit team pays off. Head coach Jan azar said, “We do a team dinner and devotion the night before our first game each year, we travel to one out of town tournament and this year was Tampa where we also went as a team to Busch gardens. We also do team dinners at various times throughout the season.” This past march the girls advanced to the state championship and defeated Holy innocents to win their 13th state title.


The lady wolves softball team has also proven to be very successful after winning their first state championship this past October. Senior Cassie Henning said, “We did a lot of team bonding this year. With so little upper classmen, I feel that the team was extremely close this year while embracing the big freshman class we had. We do a few camps in the summer and we had by for the first round of state where we actually got to go on a retreat for the weekend. it was good to get the team together and not play for a couple days to rest up for the road to state ahead of us.”

Girls’ Golf

The girls’ golf team finds nature as an opportunity to focus on the challenging season ahead. Junior Mckenzie Keeler said, “This year, we went up to my lake house (at lake Rabun) for two days to hang out and play a round of golf as a team. When we arrived, we went kayaking and paddle boarding and enjoyed some BBQ and mac and cheese. We later played cards and all camped out in the living room. Saturday, we played a round of 18 holes and the JV girls played a scramble and the Varsity played normally.”

Water Polo

The water polo team finished their past season in the fall with two significant wins and only 14 losses. Senior Grant Beaty said, “We go to smoothie king often before the games and general activities outside of the pool, to improve our play inside of the pool. Several studies show that in water polo, the better of friends you are, the better you play together.” Although Water Polo is not considered a GHSA sanctioned sport, this sport is well known and should be respected by all. Hard work and team work are key factors in Water Polo and without team bonding and the trusting of your teammates, nothing can be accomplished.

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