Wesleyan Presents: A Night in Old Hollywood

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Wesleyan School premiered a night many will remember for the rest of their lives, A Night in Old Hollywood. After countless hours put it by the prom committee, the final product was truly a sight and their hard work paid off as they took Wesleyan back in time to 1950s Hollywood. Juniors and seniors walked the red carpet as they awaited an extraordinary night filled with dancing, music and themed hors d’oeuvres galore.

This year’s prom committee, consisting of juniors Tabitha Conrad, Ashley Walton, Annie Cowart, Amanda Doane, seniors Tatiana Hamade, Megan Gallagher and headed by juniors Esther Williams and McKenzie Keeler, began work in August to bring Hollywood to Wesleyan. “It was a very long process with a lot of detailed planning,” said Williams, “but seeing the final product the night of prom was beyond anything I could possibly imagine.”

The ‘prom moms,’ Kelly Keeler, DeAnna Williams and Judy Beaman, received the girl’s ideas and turned them into the ultimate reality. “Working with the other prom moms was like working with professional planners,” said Keeler, “Judy and DeAnna were brilliant and creative and really helped turn the girls dreams into the ultimate reality.” Alongside the committee and the prom moms, Wesleyan’s Director of Alumni Giving Shelley Noble, art teacher Michael Tablada, and Spanish teacher Myriam Liverance also helped create this year’s vision. Liverance said, “Prom was magical in every way possible and we have a lot of people to thank for helping make it come together as it did.”

After two Saturdays filled with preparation, Friday Apr. 13 had no bad luck. The prom team worked from sun up to sun down to prepare for the big event. “One of the biggest jobs we had to do was hang the gossamer in the tent and in the hallway,” said Doane, “after we did that, the decorating began, and it was a lot of fun.” Parent volunteers were essential to the prom committee’s success. On the Friday before prom, there were almost 20 parent volunteers rotating to disguise Wesleyan as a Hollywood premiere alongside the committee. These fabulous Wesleyan family members put in extra hours to bring the show to life.

When 8p.m. Saturday evening rolled around, the red carpet was rolled out for the junior and seniors to have their moment in the spotlight. This year, the walkway to the prom tent was out of this world. As students neared campus, they could see movie premiere lights illuminate the sky above. “I remember driving down Spalding and seeing huge search lights and thinking to myself, “Is that MY school?”” said senior Garrett Huggins. After seeing the premiere lights, a Fox Theatre-like marquee was front and center as students arrived. The marquee was covered with lights and read “Premiering Apr.14 2018: A Night in Old Hollywood.”

Underneath the marquee appeared a red carpet and a ticket booth for the students to receive a ticket for the dance. Soon after, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was recreated with stars galore. However, these stars did not have the names of famous actors and actresses, but instead had every senior’s name on them that they could take home after the dance had ended. Above the Wesleyan senior stars were gold and white balloon arches that lit up the path to the dance floor. On the quad, the famous Hollywood sign was brought to Wesleyan for an evening and provided many pictures for those who desired.

Though dancing underneath the stars with friends is entertaining, the surroundings of the tent included loads of fun aside from the dance. Sophomore helper Carson McKinney was prom’s famous caricature artist as he captured the essence of all who desired his works. Inside the venue, refreshments such as themed cake pops, popcorn boxes, a chocolate fountain and even a “champagne” tower were provided to students and faculty.

Throughout the night, students and faculty chaperones danced the night away under the lit gossamer to famous tunes. There was not a frown in sight and to close the evening, the seniors joined hands and had a song dedicated to them as they venture from Wesleyan onto college. The moment was a true sign of how tight the Wesleyan community is and how we will miss our beloved seniors.

As students and faculty left the party, many parent volunteers transformed the Hollywood party celebration back into the school we know.
Unrelentingly working, the parents and prom committee teachers worked from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the next day. Prom truly could not have been completed without them.

Though prom has passed, the memories will always live on with everyone who attended. The atmosphere at this year’s prom was unlike any other and the work put in was shown vividly. Wesleyan truly outdid itself putting together prom this year and everyone who helped make it a reality is appreciated. For the juniors and seniors will always remember, their night in old Hollywood. Senior Brooks Lalley said, “This prom blew away every event I have ever been too. I personally have never seen anything like it and I probably never will. The decor, the lights, the food and the activities were truly unreal, and I will never forget my experience.”

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