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Dennis Stromie

“When I can’t log into Naviance and the password won’t work so they send you an email to change it but that doesn’t work so you just can’t log in at all.”

Megan Trotter

“The little ends of notebook paper that fall on the floor, Doritos crumbs crushed into carpets, unfluffed pillows, uncapped dry erase markers and moldy lunchboxes.”

Griffin Massey (12th grade)

“When people turn on the blinker for just too long then you don’t know when they’re actually turning.”

Ryan Gomes (12th grade)

“People who go 50 and below in the left lane of 141. It’s the passing/fast lane, it’s ridiculous, just go 60. Then, they honk at you like you’re the devil because you’re a teenager even though you’re not the one looking weird in the left lane. Go 60-65 if you’re in the left lane, or don’t drive at all. Come find me if you’re the fool in the left lane.”

Kendra Morris

“Eye rolling, when people say “huh,” when you can’t cap the eyeliner, so it gets all over your hand and somehow on your wall, and when my dog poops in the middle of my kitchen while staring at me, that’s great.”

Mary Stephenson

“Well a lot of things, generally people who are rude, or when they’re not self-aware like at the grocery store when people stand in the middle of the isle; hate that.”

JR Martin (12th grade)

“When someone cuts me off while I’m driving.”

Haden Jones (12th grade)

“People who think that they rule the road and weave in between everyone like there is somewhere that they have to be, also when people honk at me.”

Emrie Harbour (11th grade)

“When people smack their food and when people have insanely long snap stories that aren’t important.”

Hannah Steiner (11th grade)

“Bad hygiene.”

Wyatt Copeland (11th grade)

“People smacking their food, it’s the most ridiculous thing ever, also when there is a long line at an exit and someone zooms past to cut to the front of the line.”

Josh Morris (11th grade)

“When people ask me if I’m MattybRaps.”

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