The Water Polo Team Hopes to Rally Their Way to State

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The water polo team, consisting of various grades in the high school, has made a run for their money. According to Georgia High School Association, the Wesleyan water polo team holds a losing record this season, but junior Harrison Dearth said, “We are undefeated because every match we have lost counts as a scrimmage in hopes to improve the next time around.

Knowing the history of water polo motivates the players to take this sport seriously and view the importance of it. The first ever game took place in Scotland and from then on it was often played in Great Britain and soon expanded further. The difference between Americanized water polo and the more dated version is that the Americanized water polo allows for rougher play. The rules are more flexible with physical contact more so than the older version. It is important for the players to know the past of the sport they play so they know how to progress and work hard.

Junior Connor Beaty said, “The season is going great and we are undefeated so far. We are making another state championship run. Also, everybody on the team has scored at least 15 goals except for Isaiah Erb.”

This year, the water polo team is led by coach Kevin Kadzis and new community coach, Grant Brinkman, who is the assistant coach the season. Both coaches have trained an excellent team and have integrated new drills such as the UCLA drill, which consists of passing and shooting among team members.

Junior Will Miller said, “Water polo is taken very seriously, and nobody knows this, but we train at least two hours a day. We just show up and have a great time.”

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