Learning More About the Lord on the Dance Floor

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From being launched off a blob, diving head first into the big cookie and playing games in the club house, the Young Life Retreat at Sharptop Cove is a exciting way for students to spend their Fall Break.

The weekend retreat is a time where students can take a breath from the constant business of their school weeks and have fun with each other. Senior Sophie Parsonnet said, “What I love most about the retreat is that it is always an awesome time to connect with the people around you and just really bask in God’s creation.”

This is an unique opportunity to get to know your friends on a deeper level. In some cases, groups will be assigned new leaders, so this retreat is the perfect chance to get to know them. Cara Grace Hildebrand is the new junior girl’s leader. Junior Claire Schaller said, “We got a new leader this year, so the retreat was a perfect time to get to know her and form a solid group.”

Hildebrand said, “My hope for our group is a consistent campaigner’s group where we can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with one another and learn more about the character of the Lord and what that means for us individually.”

There was a club time four times over the weekend. In that time, everyone would dance, play games and then focus in on a devotion from a speaker. Hildebrand said, “My favorite part of the retreat was probably club time. It’s fun to see everyone get really into the songs.”

One story from the retreat is shared from Parsonnet, “whenever we play sand volleyball, Elise Harper always goes all out and always flops on the sand and so now it’s just become habit to call her the sand monster because she’s just covered in sand from head to toe.”

There are Young Life Club meetings every Monday night and each grade has a campaigner’s group that meet always every week for some devotional time with each other and their leader. Each week is a time to grow deep in fellowship about what the Lord is doing in each and everyone’s lives. Campaigner is a group of your grade and from your school, which gives the group an opportunity to be involved with all aspects of their friend’s lives.

Megan Trotter and Amy Dixon are the new senior girls’ leaders. Trotter said, “I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with the senior girls. I feel like I’ve gotten to know their class well throughout the four years as a teacher, coach, mission trip leader and adventure guide, but it’s such a blessing to be able to connect each week and walk through life together.”

Freshman Ella Rayburn said, “I’ve gotten to know that to worship Jesus it doesn’t have to be in chapel or in church and Young life makes learning about God fun and relatable.” Young Life is a time where students can take a break from their school work and have fun, dance around and play fun games with their friends. Sophomore Katherine Graddy said, “I enjoy the welcoming environment at Young Life and how people from all schools can get together and have a great time.”

Parsonnet is also an intern for Young Life this year. She said, “my job includes setting up for upcoming clubs, helping throughout club with games and announcing things, clean up after club, have a weekly bible study and leading a Wyldlife group (a middle school version of Young Life).” Parsonnet gives much of her free time to serve her classmates and be a part of an organization that she loves.

Young Life is a place to step out of your comfort zone, be yourself and have a bunch of fun. Graddy said, “I have made super close friends from Young Life and I am so grateful for it.” Young Life provides a place to meet new people and form relationships that go deeper than just passing them in the hallway.

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