Oh, The Places You Can Go This Fall

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The fall season marks the beginning of several activities: sweaters are finally taken off from the hangers, leaves change colors and the weather begins to feel cooler. All these changes encourage people to go on new adventures whether it be to a trail, park or a farm. Below are some of the places you can visit throughout the fall season in Georgia.

Uncle Shucks Pumpkin Patch: Uncle Shucks is located in Dawsonville, Georgia. There are several things you can do at Uncle Shucks, such as picking your preferred pumpkin, going to a bonfire, and going through a corn maze. There is a new corn maze design which was sponsored by Northside Hospital. Uncle Shucks defines the corn maze as “approximately four miles of trail, of twisting and turning, and sometimes, coming to a dead-end.” There is also a haunted corn maze called The Dark Rows. This haunted corn maze is only open on Friday and Saturday nights of October. Freshman Katherine Scott said, “I like to go with my friends and go on the hayrides. We always have a fun time.” Families also visit Uncle Shucks to buy pumpkins and fall decorations for their home. Uncle Shucks also serves a wide variety of festival food such as funnel cakes, baked goodies, hotdogs and more.

Panther Creek Falls: Located in North Georgia, Panther Creek is a beautiful place to hike and connect with nature. Bible teacher, Greg Lisson, said, “It is an hour and a half away and there is a really beautiful waterfall. Before getting there, you pass by Jaemor Farms and it’s nice to stop by to get some good ice cream.” If you are not someone who hikes, Lisson said, “This trail is flat landed than most trails which is perfect for someone who isn’t much of a hiker.” The trail is 7 miles, but when you finish, you get a rewarding view of the waterfall. You can even get in the water and feel the fresh water of the waterfall. Senior Stevie Crawford said, “I liked the trail and how it followed the creek the whole way. Some parts of the trail made it seem like it was a little canyon. People should go to Panther Creek because it is fun to see something new.”

Yonah Mountain: Yonah Mountain is supported by the Chattahoochee National Forest and is located near Helen, Georgia. There are several activities you can do at this place. Yonah Mountain has a trail and is mostly encouraged for people who love hiking and climbing since it is more difficult than the Panther Creek Trail. People are also encouraged to bring their dogs since it is a pet-friendly place. If one decides to set up a tent and camp here, there are camping areas where you can stay. There is also a State Park and lodging area near Yonah Mountain where people can go zip lining and get a perfect view of the area. Atlanta Trails describes it as a “gorgeous fall-leaf-spotting hike in autumn.”

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