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    The softball team celebrates a win at homeplate. Brian L. Morgan.
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    Gracie Taylor, Reece Holbrook, Jennifer Nolan, Savannah Sommer and Madison Kerpics share a moment together on the softball field. Brian L. Morgan.
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    The softball team gathers outside of the dug out for Senior Night. Brian L. Morgan.
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    Senior Jennifer Nolan makes a play on first base. Brian L. Morgan.
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    The Wesleyan softball team after their big win. Brian L. Morgan.

One Body: Wesleyan Softball

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Ending the last softball season with a State Championship set the bar high for the 2018 season; however, the Wesleyan Softball season has gone above and beyond with their season so far.

The team kicked off the road to state with a Region Championship win for the sixth year in a row, and they are entering into the state tournament in the first seed. The Wolves defeated Landmark Christian School 7-2 and junior Madison Kerpics pitched the entire games, “while striking out 18 people to earn the win in the circle” (Gwinnett Prep Sports). “Our team really worked together to win the region game. Everyone played well and our ability to work together is what really helped us throughout that game and the season,” said senior Savannah Sommer. The win for the team was impressive, but what came with the win was even better. “After the game, we got new golden cleats as a deal with our coaches, which was almost as great as winning the game,” said senior Jennifer Nolan.

The dynamic of the team is very unique. Head Coach Mary Stephenson said that “the team works together to form “one body, where they love and value each other. The team just enjoys being together.” With a team that works so well together, it makes what they are doing more enjoyable and more effective. The team showed off their teamwork in their triple play against Hebron Christian Academy. “I had never seen a triple play before in my life, so for us to turn one in was pretty special,” said Stephenson.

The team is also very determined and driven to win, which was definitely seen in their eleven-inning game against Buford High School, “one of the best programs in Georgia,” said Greg Lisson. The long-stretched game ended with an impressive win for the Wolves.

Their successful season is honestly all due to their prevalent need for superstition. “I always have to stand or sit in the same part of the dugout, Reece always has to high five everyone before coming in the dugout, Jahni always has to make a perfect running catch before warm ups are over, Madison and Emma-Kate always have to take off their jewelry together at the exact same time before the game and lately, Jahni has a certain hair band she gives me to wear on my wrist during the games, and the coaches always have to stand in the same order for the national anthem,” Stephenson said.

When the are not on the softball field, the team loves to spend time and just laugh together. The team shares many different traditions: for example, “We sing happy birthday to Coach Stephenson every time we eat at a restaurant together, even when it isn’t her birthday,” said sophomore Reece Holbrook. Along with all of the fun traditions, the team also gets the chance to bond on their lake retreat and at every game and bus ride throughout the season.

“It is an awesome experience to be able to play my favorite sport with a team of friends, but it is even better to get to be a team where we genuinely care about each other,” said Nolan.

The Wesleyan softball team took their talents to state and won 7-0 against Prince Avenue Christian School.

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