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    Chris Pringle, Ryan Moran and Angeles Acevedo are grateful for the service project this year. Alayna Fogarty.

Service Project Recognizes Facilities Team

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On Oct. 10, the Senior Leadership Team and a group of volunteers joined forces to create meaningful gifts to give to the facilities team for all of their hard work and dedication.

The facilities team is responsible for maintaining Wesleyan’s beautiful campus. They set up and breakdown events, clean every room in all buildings and more. While keeping a strong work ethic, they make sure to express positivity in everything they do, and they are never seen with attitudes that aren’t always after achieving their golas. Although they are always appreciated it is more difficult for students to see the impact they are making, because many members of the team get to school after the students. After school hours, you will find the team picking up garbage students left behind from a morning snack or they will pick up that crumbled-up test which has 68 in red marker at the top, left behind from a sad student. The work ethic that encompasses the many members of the facilities team is truly awe inspiring, and they are a pure example of what to strive for when wanting to achieve the character trait of hard working.

It was important for the students to express their gratitude. Senior Ella V. Cooper said, “We wanted to show the facilities team how much we appreciate them and how thankful we are for all that they do for us.”

These gifts that were given to the facilities team, distributed and organized by the Senior Class. Although, the credit goes to the Senior Leadership team who constructed the idea and executed it with great success.

Facilities member Carolina Aponte said, “The gift meant so much to me and to the rest of my team. For me it meant that I am noticed for what I do for the school and all of us greatly appreciated that.”

Every year Wesleyan puts on a service day on the day of testing for all grades except for the seniors. The project was put together by the Senior Leadership team and they had high hopes for this year.

Cooper said, “To accomplish our goal, we encouraged people to Venmo donations instead of bringing in money and time on their day off. It was very successful, and we raised over $2400 to make gift bags with gift cards and such to facilities. On the day off, a small group of volunteers came in to put the gift bags together and buy its contents. Some people on the facilities team even cried from happiness, so it was definitely a huge success.”

Although the project for the service day differs every year the one constant it to provide an opportunity for people to give back. Whether it is students, faculty or families, it is necessary to give back to the community. The facilities team should always be recognized for their hard work and this years’ service project hopefully made them feel important and valuable among Wesleyan.

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