Christmas Traditions

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The Wesleyan families every year celebrate the holidays in their own special ways. Each family will come together to pick out the best Christmas tree or sit around a fire sipping on hot chocolate playing card games. Every unique tradition brings the community together as a whole.

“We go skiing in steamboat Colorado and go in the hot tub each night with cookies!” – Freshmen Grace Eversbush

“My parents give us gifts in stockings and wrapped of course but they also lay out unwrapped gifts from ‘Santa’ by the fire. We start sitting on the stairs, they take a picture, and then we rush into the family room to look at all the unwrapped gifts on the rugs! It’s so fun to see the layout of all our new gifts!” – Sophomore Elizabeth Middleton

“Every year, my sister and I make Christmas cookies, and our family also hangs the ornaments on the tree.” – Sophomore Audrey Gilliam

“Every Christmas Eve my family (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) bake and decorate cookies for ourselves and Santa. We make the dough then use cookie cutters to create fun shapes like snowflakes, snowmen, and reindeer! Once we are done baking, we decorate them with fun colorful icings! We make our own icing and the secret ingredient is almond extract. We always have a great time and enjoy eating them after!” – Sophomore Harrison Gracey

“My family and I eat a beautiful candle light Christmas dinner that my mom cooks! After we eat, we open our stockings that we’ve been waiting all day to open.” – Junior Riley Keller

“Every year, my dad, brother, sister, and I wake up early the day after Christmas and take a road trip to our family’s farm in South Georgia. We shoot skeet, build a fire and make s’mores, camp out, and spend the next day there while my mom hangs out at home with our dog.” – Junior Caroline Willis

“Before my Grandpa passed, he made a recording of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and we listen to it every Christmas Eve. I also always cook the entire meal, and the tradition is that everyone cleans up my mess.” – Senior Ryan Gomes

“Every year, my whole family goes over to my grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve and does a gift exchange. Another tradition that my family does is we can’t go down in the living room on Christmas Day until my parents are awake and downstairs, so it’s become somewhat of a tradition to wake up to my brother absolutely screaming from the top of the stairs. It’s fun.” – Senior Sophie Parsonnet



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