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All around the globe families and friends come together to celebrate each other and give thanks to things that they are grateful for. The “Green and Gold” staff asked students and faculty in the Wesleyan Community about their Thanksgivings, this is what they said.

Abby Johnson said, “I am thankful for coffee frothers, candles that smell like Christmas trees, Taqueria Del Sol, pumpkin muffins, a neighborhood to take walks in, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, my car and my fiancé Mr. Holmes. Every Thanksgiving, my siblings and I used to play a game of two-hand touch football in the street every Thanksgiving. We also always watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I think my favorite Thanksgiving food has to be this Jell-O dish my mom makes with a pretzel crust; it sounds weird, but it is really good.”

Anna Myrick said, “I am thankful for time with family and friends – especially Smith and Mary Beth. Our family tradition is that we go to the park on the morning of Thanksgiving to let the kids run out some energy and walk together before going to family dinner. My favorite Thanksgiving foods are Sweet Potato Casserole and Pumpkin Pie!”

Junior Emrie Harbour said, “I am thankful for loyal friends, teammates, and blankets to keep me warm in this horrible winter phase. Every year, my family and I play board games, and we go to my family’s farm. My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing.”

Junior Hannah Steiner said, “I’m thankful for my friends and family, fly wheel, and acai bowls. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition is after eating and cleaning up the Thanksgiving food, we set up the Christmas tree and start setting up the other decorations. My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing.”

Junior Wyatt Copeland said, “I’m thankful for Christmas, mashed potatoes and Sage Dining. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition is to go to the Alexis’s house and eat there. My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes.”

Senior Kris Laurite said, “I’m thankful for cauliflower, a nice nap and a good game of pool; thanks Kat Saylor for teaching me how to play. Every year my family and I all gather around and eats cauliflower. My favorite Thanksgiving food is cauliflower.”

Senior Luke Schiller said, “I’m thankful for family and friends that always have my back. Normally, my family goes to my grandparents’ house in Kiawah Island, SC and run the turkey trot 5k in the morning. However, this year we decided to go to Costa Rica. My favorite thanksgiving food is green bean casserole.”

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