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    Junior Lindsay Rappe competes in 100m butterfly. Brian L. Morgan.
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    Senior Luke Schiller cheers on his teammates from the side of the pool. Brian L. Morgan.

Wolves Splash Into the Holiday Season

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The Wet Wolves started their season with a splash, in the beginning of November. Since then, the swim team has been doing dry lands, taking laps in the pool and eating pounds of pasta, which are just a few of the things that make swim season “the most wonderful time of the year.”

The Varsity Wolves have had an amazing season going undefeated in swimming and diving. “We are having an incredible season so far and are looking forward to seeing how both the boys and girls teams continue to improve as the approach the end of season metro and state meets in January and February,” said Head Coach, Kevin Kadzis.

Every week the Wet Wolves go through difficult practices and dry land work outs in order to prepare for meets and eventually qualify for state in February. “Drylands and practice in general can be difficult sometimes, but I know that all in all, it is making me a better swimmer,” said senior Elise Harper.

The swim team even practices through Thanksgiving and Christmas break, which shows the team’s dedication to the sport and improving not just as one person, but as a team; one body. “It can be hard to wake up early on Thanksgiving, but those are the practices that end up being the best. We make each of those practices exciting with holiday themed caps and swimsuits,” said junior Caroline Willis.

The team really enjoys each other’s presence, which is something that makes the team so unique. “My favorite part about swim season would definitely be the comradery of the team before and during every practice. Honestly every practice brings funny memories because we are all dying from the lack of oxygen,” said junior Lindsay Rappe.

The team shares so many memories, and swim creates friendships that last, even once the season is over. “The best part about the swim team is the relationships grown with my teammates. I have gotten the opportunity to get to know people and make friends in different grades I wouldn’t have without swim team. I also love swimming, because of the competitiveness. Getting to be competitive with your friends makes every practice and meet a little more interesting,” said Sinclair. Being competitive with each other is what makes the team better as a whole, and it betters the individual as well.

The swim team spends countless hours together, which helps them really bond as a team. The Wet Wolves have many different pre-meet traditions that make each meet exciting. “Before every meet, there is an annual bubble bath in the boy’s locker room. It is truly the highlight of every meet,” said Sinclair.

With state coming up, and a large pasta dinner before, the Wet Wolves have been practicing hard and will continue to practice throughout the break to increase their chances of winning state.

The next meet for the Wesleyan Wet Wolves is on Dec. 14th against Lovett and Cambridge starting at 5:00 pm in the Natatorium.


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