“The Addams Family” Creeps Their Way Onstage

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The Wolf Players traded their green and gold for black in their production of “The Addams Family” on Feb. 6-8.

Through countless hours of rehearsal, the cast has the opportunity to really get to know each other and grow close. “I’d say that the people in the theatre department made me want to do the show. It’s such a close-knit group of people that care a lot about each other, that I really consider my family,” said senior Andrew Pridgen.

The sense of community that happens between the cast is just one of the factors that makes Wesleyan Theater so special and unique. Junior Carson McKinney said, “I love being able to connect with other cast members and to strengthen my skills, whether it be social or acting. I definitely loved having a fun time bonding with fellow cast mates. I think that my favorite moment from the show was in the last show on Saturday, Patterson Beaman had to manually close the curtains because there was a huge split in the curtains.”

“The people in the show are always encouraging, especially the upperclassmen. The number of friends you can make is really astonishing,” said freshman Sam Middleton.

The show might seem all fun and games but it actually takes a lot of work in order to make successful show. “This show was more work than other shows, especially with the set. I was running around backstage opening portal curtains, pulling windows, etc. It was also so much more fun though,” said junior Kylie McIntosh. “The cast was amazing, and it was so great to be a part of it. My favorite moment from the show was not funny in the moment, but it is now. During the final show right before intermission, Big Red (our curtain) ran off the track and wouldn’t close. It was crazy because we had to try and fix it as quick as possible and it involved some improv from the characters, but it is so funny to look back on and tell the story to others.”

“I was a part of the costuming team for the show. It was such an awesome experience. I loved getting to dive into who each character really was and make costumes for my peers. Getting to watch my work really come to life was an amazing opportunity,” said senior and costume designer Hannah Hufham.

The music from the show was definitely a highlight of the production as well as the choreography. Sophomore Maddie Plunk said, “My favorite song was definitely ‘When You’re an Addams’. The whole idea the family coming together is super fun, but it was also such a great song to sing and dance. The choreography was a blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed it every time I got to perform it. My favorite moment was probably the part during ‘When You’re An Addams’ when all of the ancestors come out of the crypt and ‘come to life.’ It was so fun to act dead and zombie-ish while showing the audience who your character is. It was a very cool moment visually and to perform.”

It is always amazing getting to become closer to teachers and students through a sport and activity but in theater, they are not really your coach because the atmosphere is so familial, they start to become your peer more than a teacher. Assistant Director and English teacher Cameron Alexander said, “My family has always been involved in drama, and I try to take any chance I can to be a part of it. Working with students and getting to watch them get up on stage and perform with confidence feels like a confirmation of God’s call on my life to do what I do. ‘The Addams Family’ is hilariously witty and fun. It’s a show with characters that everyone knows, but it has a unique storyline that keeps people on their toes. This show had more complicated comedic elements to it, and it was fascinating to watch how effortlessly our students rose to that unique challenge.

“The Addams Family” left its mark on Wesleyan School. From the last winter show, “Beauty and the Beast,” the community is excited to see what show to Wolf Players will produce in order to top this one.

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