Wesleyan Night of Worship

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Family Night of Worship is where the Wesleyan Community comes together to worship not only during the day on Thursdays but also at night in a more comfortable environment. Only being the second year of the event, this year had a great turn out.

Full of amazing music, this year led by senior Annie Cowart, and an incredible devotion given from three different families.

Cowart explained more about the night of worship. She said, “[it feels] more real and more comfortable. No uniforms, no one making sure that you’re not on your phone, and that fact that there is no requirement for a person to attend.”

The great part about night of worship is the fact that it’s more personal. Chapel sometimes feels like a requirement of Thursday afternoons, but night of worship gives a more welcoming feeling where it’s a good place to relax after school hour and enjoy the presence of Jesus Christ. Bible Teacher Matthew Means said that “people should come the Family Night of Worship to be encouraged in their faith, to pray for Wesleyan School and their peers and to worship together with other Wesleyan families that are apart of the same community.”

The speakers this year “were three families from lower, middle, and high school who spoke in between songs, and it was super powerful. Also, I love these kind of nights because I get to experience something like chapel without feeling like I need to act or dress a certain way,” said Cowart.

What makes family night of worship so special is that “it is open to the entire Wesleyan community, parents and students K-12. Also, it is a time to gather together in worship that is not in the middle of a busy day, it is after school hours on a family night where the school has removed other obligations like homework and sporting events so that families have the care free option to come together and worship.” said Means.

Means shared that his favorite part of the service was that “[he] enjoyed the worship but especially enjoyed having Wesleyan families pray for the community at large. Prayed for the teachers, students, mission trips, and other aspects of Wesleyan school. It was very special.”



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