A Letter to the “Green and Gold” Staff Seniors

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Dear Sophie, Quinn, Alayna, Melany and Kat:

Teaching you has been a true blessing. I am grateful to you all for your endless encouragement. We were new to the high school together and have, in many ways, shared the experience. You have cheered me on in life’s joyous moments and provided comfort in its tragedies.

I hope you always remember the lessons you learned in our journalism class, but also the value of communication and respecting others. Through constructive criticism and candid conversations, you have strengthened your writing and the Green and Gold. You have been models of the JOY motto:

J – Jesus (and journalism) – You have stayed faithful and steadfast to His teachings and to those of the course. Whether it was writing about the month’s Christian Life theme or covering the Easter Play, you were able to capture how faith permeates the fabric of this community. Journalism is an avenue for sharing your faith, which is what you did publicly and with grace.
O – You have worked well together and with others to report various events. You provided others with information about news in our community and allowed them to stay informed. You worked together to produce a coherent publication.
Y – You should be proud of your commitment to the course and your performance in high school. You tried your best to cover newsworthy stories on and off campus. You asked questions, when necessary, and held yourselves accountable to due dates.
Most of all, I hope you learned to observe your world and question those around you. I pray that you continue to hold yourself and others accountable to the standards you have learned at Wesleyan.

Wishing you only the very best in the future. You will always be part of the Green and Gold.

In gratitude,
Mrs. Taramani

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