Evergreens: Look Back Through Thirteen Years at Wesleyan

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Only the Evergreens have been through every part of what Wesleyan has to offer. From the first day of Kindergarten running into your classroom to be welcomed by a warm hug from your teacher, to the fourth grade Easter Play that is never “too much,” middle school field days, high school dances and now, walking across the stage at graduation.

Evergreens, students that have been attending Wesleyan since Pre-K or Kindergarten, are a special part of the Wesleyan community and are something to celebrate. They have shared more time with each other than their own families. “It’s pretty amazing at 18 to have people who have been your friends for over 10 years,” said senior Evergreen Meg Healy.

There are 38 Evergreens in the Class of 2019. Once you are a part of the Wesleyan community it is nearly impossible to switch to a different school. These students have been a family since before they can remember and every year, they add more and more members. There are now 111 members of the Class of 2019 family.

Senior Evergreen Olivia Curran said she is, “going to miss the supportive, service-focused community. The parents, faculty, and students at Wesleyan are always willing to put themselves second to serve others. I hope that I’ve learned how to think of others first and how to give back some of what Wesleyan has given to me.” Wesleyan’s mission is to grow young adults to achieve the highest level of academics while maintaining a relationship with the Lord.

Wesleyan has several incredible programs that these students have gotten to experience. Senior Evergreen Mary Ann Manley said, “The cross-country program has been a big part in who I am today. The coaches have poured into me so much and I am so grateful for that.” The coaches in every sport are more than your coach, but teachers, role models and friends. “Chris Yoder is easily the best person I know,” said Manley. “Yoder has helped me through so many struggles I have had the past few years, helping me in school, advice for friends and boys and being a mentor in my walk with the Lord,” said Senior Evergreen Ashley Doran.

It is unique to see adults genuinely care about high schoolers. Science Department Chair Anna Myrick said, “I love teaching high schoolers because this is such a formative time of their lives.” Teachers at Wesleyan want to be a part of shaping high schoolers to become the best version of themselves.

Senior Evergreen Kyle Orton said, “The teachers have really helped me shape who I am, especially Mr. Schroer.” Wesleyan Alumnus and Physics teacher, Scott Schroer, has impacted many students. He has guided them in class, on the lacrosse field, on mission trips and by giving them advice from his own experience being a high schooler at Wesleyan.

“I would say that the teachers have had a huge impact on me during my time at Wesleyan because they have really poured into me. They are so willing to help and sincerely care about my success which has been a huge support throughout high school,” said Senior Evergreen Lexi Jerding.

Senior Evergreen Ashwin Gidwani said, ‘It’s really helped me with my manners and being a gentleman to everyone else.  It has shaped my personality and who I am, and I’m grateful for that.” Besides teaching students in the classroom and coaching them on the field, the faculty here teaches students to be well—rounded people before they go out beyond the “Wesleyan Bubble.”

Senior Evergreen Amanda Doane said, “Wesleyan has shaped me by providing the opportunity to create a foundation for my faith and grow in my love for Jesus through bible studies, chapel services and mission trips.” Wesleyan’s JOY motto has been a foundation of how the school in run. The school strives for students that have a heart for the Lord spreading His light around the world. “My mission trip to the Dominican Republic changed my life and my walk with the Lord. I am grateful that I can go to school that provides those type of life changing trips,” said Senior Evergreen Jordyn Shackford.

Gidwani said,” I’m really going to miss knowing everyone and being in the community.  The relationships I’ve made with everyone are amazing, and I am so sad to leave them.”

The most impactful part of Wesleyan is the strong community. A community of parents, students, faculty, and alumni that care about every student going through the school. The Evergreens could not have made it 13 years at Wesleyan without this community supporting them every step of the way. Thank you to all the teachers, coaches, alumni and parents that have supported the Class of 2019, especially the 38 Evergreens.

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