Wesleyan Bids Farewell to Beloved Teachers

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Wesleyan School teachers have always been a great influence on the community and the student body, so it is always unfortunate to see such amazing teachers leave to continue their journey elsewhere. The teachers leaving after the 2018-2019 school year are Garrett Adams, Jason Scheer and Stephen Mihalko.
Garrett Adams is a Bible Faculty Fellow who started here in August. Whenever he is around, he makes so many people laugh and enjoy their time a little bit more here at Wesleyan. “Mr. Adams has simply changed by life forever and I love him so much. I wish he would adopt me,” said senior Liam Coxhead.

One of Adams’s favorite Wesleyan moments was when he “caught Vance Nicklaus sleeping in class and asked him a test-related question to which he responded with the right answer immediately and walked out of the classroom. Major props Vance.”

Even though his journey at Wesleyan ends, his memory here will live on forever in the students hearts. He plans to teach Bible at a different school, but he does not know exactly where yet. “I have loved every moment of this past year at Wesleyan and it has honestly been one of the best years of my life so far. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making it awesome. I believe in Wesleyan with all my heart and hope to be back some day,” said Adams.

Jason Scheer is a loving teacher who always makes sure his students are cared for. Scheer is finishing his 18th year at Wesleyan and plans to move to Oklahoma this summer to serve as the Middle School Principal at Casady School in Oklahoma City.

Senior Quinn Kaloper said, “Dr. Scheer has impacted me in being my cross-country coach the past four years. Also, he genuinely cares about how I am and where I am in my walk with the Lord.” Also, senior Ashley Doran said, “Dr. Scheer has impacted me by being a constant positive influence in my life, always encouraging me as both as a teacher and a cross country coach and being intentional about showing all of us how much he really cares about us and wants the best for us.”

One of Scheer’s favorite moments at Wesleyan was “hard to choose because there are so many but one of the most life changing occurred on a mission trip in a remote part of Honduras. A young girl from the village was bitten by a venomous snake and needed transportation to the hospital six hours away. Our group did not have a car to give her, so we prayed for God to bring a car up the road and a driver who would be willing to drive through the night to save her life. After crying out to God for about 10 minutes, we heard the sound of an engine coming up the hill. This was the first car we had seen on the road all week, so we already knew this was a clear miracle, and he was willing to take her to the hospital too.”
For someone who has been here for so long, it is disappointing when they move on to greater things and living the life God calls him to live, but Scheer clearly states that “the Scheers may be moving to Oklahoma, but we will always bleed green and gold! GO WOLVES.”

Stephen Mihalko has been at teacher at Wesleyan for five years and is said by most to be one of the most energetic teachers in this community. Senior Alayna Fogarty said, “Mr. Mihalko always knows how to brighten a boring Monday morning or bring some kind of energy to the day; it’s very refreshing.”

Mihalko included a few of his favorite moments here which include “throwing down ‘White and Nerdy’ at Homecoming Karaoke, the pool noodles (enough said), Larry Wang’s promposal last year, being the ambulance driver in that crazy skit at the Freshman Retreat and not to forget the awesome prank I’m going to play on Mr. Holmes before I leave.”

Mihalko plans to start his new position this summer as a Firmware Quality Assurance Engineer. Mihalko’s last message before he leaves is to say “to [his] colleagues: thank you for the time and energy you have invested in me and for your friendships. I know that I am a better person for having known you all. To the seniors: pick a new number. Seriously.”

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