Wesleyan Celebrates Easter Break

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During the month of April, different exciting events come up such as the high school spring play, prom, the artist market and more. These events increase the enthusiasm of teachers and students as they can see that the end of the school year is near. A big event that not only is celebrated in the Wesleyan community, but around the world, in the month of April is Easter.
Easter is a time for those of the Christian faith to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection. The week in which Easter falls in is called Holy week. Holy Thursday is remembered as Jesus’ last supper with the 12 disciples. Then, Good Friday is the day in which the crucifixion of Jesus is observed.

The Wesleyan community does different events leading up to Easter Sunday such as an Ash Wednesday service and the fourth grade Easter play. Senior Amanda Doane said, “I have watched the Easter play 11 times and I was in it when I was in fourth grade. I think the play is iconic because everyone knows the lines to the play.”

Wesleyan has a tradition to invite alumni and their children for an Easter egg hunt. Children from alumni gather around and search for Easter eggs around the quad. This year, Junior Mark Baisier dressed up as the Easter bunny for the event. Baisier said, “It was really fun seeing all the kids and I enjoyed it. I will probably do it again next year.”

In addition to these events, Wesleyan gives students and faculty an opportunity to take a break from school and spend time with friends and families for Easter. Freshman Katherine Scott said, “On Easter Sunday, I went to church with my family and it was a special service to remind us what Christianity is all about.”

Other students traveled to a quick vacation spot or spent time visiting colleges during Easter break. Senior Lauren Oakes said, “I went to California during Easter break to spend time with my friends.” Senior Melany Mendez traveled to Guatemala during Easter break to spend time with family and experience how another country celebrates Easter and its significance.

Easter is a time to unite Christians all over the world to be reminded of a special sacrifice. It is a week of happiness, celebration and a reminder of why we should always be grateful.

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