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As the 2019 fall season begins, each fall sport has been preparing and working hard to represent the Wesleyan Wolves well. With fall now in full swing, each team is really kicking it into gear and working hard. The wolves have been showing up to each competition thrown their way and have shown how much effort they have put into their sport. The motivation and dedication of the wolves have been persistent this year, and each team is even more excited for what is to come in the rest of the season.

Water Polo:

The water polo team “3-4-1” is having one of their greatest seasons yet, with three great wins, and one tie. When asked what has led the team to their victories this season so far, Coach Kevin Kadzis said, “The turnaround has been excellent teamwork and player leadership.” The team has played eight exciting games so far and has six more to go. The team is looking forward to the end of the season tournament that is coming up at the end of September. The team this year is composed of many strong senior players who have been really putting in the effort throughout the season so far. These players are Will Miller, Connor Beatty, Jack Godfrey, Isaiah Erb, Samuel Johnson and honorable mention Javi Martinez. These group of players have really stepped up and have given everything they’ve had. Kadzis said, “… what really stands out this season is just the great group of players coming together to play a sport they all like.”

Cross Country:

The cross-country team has really made a run for it this year, with a summer full of preparation, and a devoted group of girls and guys. There have been two meets so far, one taking place at Wesleyan School, and the other meet was an hour away called The Battle of Atlanta. The team has faced some of their biggest opponents so far such as Dunwoody High School, Paideia, Atlanta International and many others. There are more meets to come, and everyone is looking forward to the area meet. Varsity is getting excited for the infamous meet, “Great American”, in North Carolina. Running is not an easy sport to do, especially with the heat that this year has brought with most every day being in the nineties. Staying healthy throughout the season is easier said than done, but junior varsity girl Bella Tucker said it best, “Hydrating and eating right.” Other than eating right and staying healthy, the running season also brings long lasting friendships. The friendships come out of giving effort each day at practice; everyone is continuously working hard every week to make the team better.”


The Wesleyan Wolves football team is off to an impressive start so far, with two exciting wins already against Meadowcreek (30-19) and Chattooga (28-6). The football team has worked hard to prepare for this season, and they are hoping to keep up the hard work as a team. It was a big moment for everyone apart of the team when the wolves beat Meadowcreek because it proved to them how much they had improved over the summer. Senior Parker Bowen said, “We hope only good things because we are feeling good about this season. We conditioned harder and prepared better over the summer.” The whole team has put in a lot of effort and really pushed themselves this season. Sophomores Cooper Blauser and Griffin Caldwell have both been extremely strong players this season, both playing strongly in the game against Chattooga. Collin Conduah, Josh Aspinwall and Chris O’Sullivan have been dominating their senior season by crushing it on the line. Micah Smith and Trent Bartlett have really been great captains and have led the team well this season. This season, the team is looking forward to playing Prince Avenue. They are the wolves biggest challenge yet, and they are ready to face it.  Bowen said, “We have been really locked in this season, and we are getting ourselves more mentally prepared for each team that we play.”


The cheer squad has been cheering their hearts out for the Wolves as they brave their way through the season. The cheerleaders started practicing over the summer to prepare for the great season ahead. The group of cheerleaders this year are all close, and everyone has been working hard to have good energy and spirit this year. Sophomore Ella Rayburn said, “It is a talented and fun group of girls this year.” So far, the cheer squad has cheered on the wolves to victory at a scrimmage at Dunwoody and two home games at Wesleyan against Meadowcreek and Chattooga. The kickoff game is always the cheerleader’s favorite game because it finally means that it is time for some Friday night lights again. The cheer team is excited for the Homecoming pep rally and game because they have been preparing their routine for the pep rally since the end of July.  The squad is also looking forward to the rest of the home games because the students usually show out for the home games, and there is always good energy with the crowd. This season for the cheerleaders has already been a memorable one. When asked what moments stuck out the most, Rayburn said, “Just getting ready for the games, and the bus rides to the away games are always so fun and special because we really bond as a team.”


The volleyball team has really come together this year to try and make this season one to remember. The team has been working hard at practice in preparation for their matches, and the payoff has been great. They have won majority of their matches. Junior Syd Stirling, who is a part of Wolves’ volleyball team said, “I think our wins have been due to the teamwork that was put in during pre-season.” Senior Tatum Connor has especially stuck out this season because she is a hard worker and a great servant leader. Through hard work, the volleyball team has had some special moments this season. Over Labor Day weekend, the team went to Tybee Beach where they played in a tournament. They all stayed in a beach house together, which was a good bonding experience for the team. When asked what is to come for the volleyball team, Stirling said, “We are looking forward to area, and we have a great shot at state this year, so we are excited to continue to prepare for it.”

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