Grinds My Gears

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Sam Schmitt:

When I see Beau Blanton in the hall and I see him waving and I think it’s to me, so I wave back but really it’s to someone else and I realize he doesn’t actually love me so I cry myself to sleep… that grinds my gears a good bit.”


Harrison Gracey:

“What really grinds my gears is when you try to get a Powerade, but the machine spits out water… it ruins my day.”


Annelise Onorato:

“When people REPOST THEIR BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUTS on their Instagram stories. It’s just a flex on how many people like you. Also, when people send out streaks. We’re not 11. Stop sending them to me.”

Graham Thomason: 

When people post whole concerts on their Snapchat stories.”

Holden Wilder:

“I hate when people cut in line during lunch. If you cut, you are the worst kind of person.”

Alyssa Phillip:

The new spirit shop policy where I have to spend a WHOLE five dollars to use my card. I mean the fact that we have to pay $25,000 is a lot, but then add having to spend five WHOLE dollars when all I need is a $1 bag of goldfish is CROSSING the line.”

Taylor Seim:

When I have to hurdle a group of freshmen walking boyband style down the hallway in order to get to class on time.”

Felicia Wang:

“When I ask someone if they want some of my food and they say yes.”

Hunter Haran:

Sunbutter sandwiches.”

Hunter Suits:

“It definitely grinds my gears when having to decide whether Mr. Schroer is in teacher mood or Young-Life leader mood, hence deciding whether I can get away with a ‘Scott-bomb.’”

Avery Pursell:

When people still walk their dogs with Hoverboards. I mean, come on, we aren’t in 2016.”

Aubrey Alecxih:

“When someone walks in the frame while you’re making a Tik-Tok and you have to start over.”

Dominick Scalese:

“When the middle schoolers burn cheese on the panini press so it’s all nasty. Also, when people make bagel sandwiches, so it doesn’t touch your sandwich.”

Anna Rae Copeland:

“It grinds my gears when people identify my beautiful (27 pound) GIRL cat Willy for a boy.”

Ms. Bufton:

“When people think cheerleaders aren’t athletes… especially when they’re insanely athletic.”


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