Pumpkin Spice Season is Here, Better “Latte” than Never

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Since it is officially fall, it is time to celebrate all aspects that make the season so special. It is the little aspects, from snacks to scents to drinks, that make the season so highly anticipated. The high school was sent out a six-question survey to help find out what everyone enjoys most about fall and the survey helped remind students about what to look forward to now that fall is here.

The student body was first asked about favorite fall scents, and 39 percent of students voted for pumpkin spice. One of those responses was from sophomore Mackenzie Madison. When asked why she thinks everyone loves pumpkin spice, she said, “When I think of fall, one of the first things that come to mind would be pumpkin spice.” The first question had a clear winner, but the next question about favorite Halloween movies had answers that were almost tied. The winner, beating “Halloweentown” by one vote, was “Ghostbusters.” Junior Reid Cameron said, “‘Ghostbusters’ was my favorite movie growing up, and it is a classic that I still love.” This was a shocking result considering “Hallowentown” is a movie series our generation grew up watching, but like Cameron said, “Ghostbusters” is a timeless movie that will forever be a favorite.

The next question was about favorite seasonal fall candies, and this resulted in a close toss-up between candy corn and Pumpkin Reese’s. However, the winner ending up being Pumpkin Reese’s. Just like fall candies, seasonal snacks are sold for a small portion of the year, so once they come, they are gone. The high school student’s favorite snack, winning by a landslide, was pumpkin bread. When asked which pumpkin bread she preferred, homemade or store-bought, senior Avery Beall said, “Homemade pumpkin bread is better because it’s fresher than store-bought and homemade everything is better.”

Fall drinks are a part of the season to look forward to when the temperature cools down. Student’s favorite drink for the fall was apple cider, beating pumpkin spice latte, salted caramel mocha and pumpkin cream cold brew. Freshman Elsa Moore said, “When apple cider is warm it reminds me of fall because it smells like cinnamon. It brings back memories of hanging out with friends during fall.”

Halloween is easily one of the most memorable holidays of the fall season. Most people love to dress up and go trick or treating. The fall favorites survey asked about favorite Halloween costumes and the answers varied from witches to angels to ghosts. Cameron said, “When I was little, my friends and I were the ghostbusters and that was a fun costume to wear.”

The fall favorites survey showed an understanding of what everyone loves about fall and what helped students do to get more into the fall spirit. Out of 100 responses, the answers were wide- ranging which showed everyone has something different they love most about the fall season.

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