The Alienation of Area 51

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The date was set and plans were made; all of humanity wanted to know what was in Area 51: aliens? nuclear bombs? The Hulk? As it turns out, the world will never know. Three million citizens agreed to attend via a Facebook post titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” to raid Area 51 on Sept. 20, in the wee hours of the night. Sounds logical… right? Well, at least 3 million other Americans thought it was a great idea.

The solemnity of the event was nonexistent, and many people thought it was just another good laugh. Sophomore Gray Bradach said, “I think it’s hysterical! It’s more of a joke, and less serious.” Eighth grader Reagan Maxwell agreed and thought that the raid was “kind of funny, but mostly it was just foolish.”  This was the consensus for most students; it was never meant to be a serious protest. Nonetheless, the Internet was blowing up with opinions, jokes and memes. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Bradach was even getting pumped for the raid, “I didn’t sign up… but I clicked interested [in attending the event].”

All that was left to do was to get excited to storm Area 51. Many people voiced their opinion on the raid or even just Area 51 in general. When asked how he would prepare a friend to raid Area 51, science teacher Mitchell Mayfield said, “I would make sure that they knew how to Naruto run.” Naruto running, a popular meme that originated from the Japanese cartoon “Naruto,” is a cartoon-like style of running with one’s arms positioned straight behind one’s back. He would not teach them how to avoid gunfire and flee out of Area 51 safely but to be prepared to Naruto run. Although Naruto running could be a possible way out of Area 51.

The population was ready to raid, they were just waiting for the infamous date to arrive. In the meantime, everyone had a different opinion on what exactly was in Area 51. Mayfield said, “Due to the location and secrecy around it, I think it may be a test site for new technology and weapons… definitely not a place I would want to break into; who knows what would get set off?” Whether it actually be a test site for military equipment or not, it does not matter. The meaning behind this raid is curiosity, the desire to know what is hidden from us. The desire to touch the big red button that is labeled “DO NOT TOUCH.” Well, curiosity or a death wish… that is never the matter. The point is that the world was going to find out what lays deep inside the supposed military training base, and nothing was going to stop them.

That was until the creator of the event decided to cancel it only 11 days before the actual raid was set to take place. It was a major letdown, and the Internet was fed up about it. However, they still held a music festival called Alienstock to console themselves. Many people were so disappointed that they did not even go to the festival. Bradach said, “It was built up so much! There were 3 million interested or ‘going.’ I understand why no one went, but it was still disappointing.”  From a viral meme spread all over the world to a major disappointment, the raid of Area 51 was a letdown. Overall, not much happened, except for the few people that dared to trespass on the territory. However, they were immediately arrested, fined and/or sent to jail. So, the question still remains: what is in Area 51? The people who are in jail would probably say that it is best left a mystery, that is, unless… are you volunteering?

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