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Slowly but surely, the new social media platform, Tik-Tok, has taken over the world. The app started out as Musical.ly but slowly transitioned into a “Vine-like” app, now known as Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok has become a very popular source of entertainment, not only for children, but also for adults. A survey was sent out to each high school grade to find out everyone’s true opinion on Tik-Tok and the impact it has made. Additionally, Communications Creative Director Brooke Dant, freshman Aubrey Alecxih and junior Jack Jones were asked what they personally think about the app.

The seven-question Tik-Tok survey was sent out to the student body. The survey included a question asking about daily Tik-Tok usage. The most common response was 15-30 minutes daily. Alecxih said she normally spends two hours daily. When asked if you prefer making Tik-Toks, watching Tik-Toks or both, watching Tik-Toks received the highest votes. Although Alecxih enjoys making Tik-Toks, she prefers and spends more time watching them. Knowing that Tik-Tok has become a new trend, another question asked the students if they agreed that the app has taken over other social media platforms; a majority of the students said “yes.”

To get a more professional view on the app, Dant was asked, “Would you recommend the app to others? If so, why?” Dant would recommend the app and said, “I do not watch it that often, but every once in a while, it is fun to go through and see what my friends post.” After interviewing Dant, as well as reviewing the feedback from the survey, the majority of Wesleyan students would recommend Tik-Tok. After receiving feedback from the interviews and survey, it is apparent that Tik-Tok is somewhat involved in people’s everyday lives. An additional question asked on the survey was, “How has the app affected your everyday life?” Students commonly answered that the app provides them with a fun outlet and makes them laugh. Comments from the survey show how Wesleyan students widely agree that the app contributes a comfortable topic to add in conversations, as most find the app funny and enjoyable. Personal views about the app are described to be therapeutic and is one of the only social media platforms where people can be themselves.

Tik-Tok is filled with new dance trends, art clips or even finding new music. Others have described Tik-Tok in a negative light, stating how it takes up most of their time and causes them to procrastinate because users have become “addicted” to the app. Jones said, “Yes, Tik-Tok affects my everyday life because it adds a sense of joy.” Alecxih agreed with both views; she said, “Yes, it affects me every day. I usually procrastinate on my homework, but also learn new facts and dances that motivate me to get up and move.”

The last question asked was, “What would you rate Tik-Tok on a scale of one to five?” Majority of the votes rated the app ranging from three point five to five stars. The app itself is still in the process of growing, but in the recent months Tik-Tok has developed trends that many users enjoy taking part in. Alexcih, Jones and Dant shared the trends that they believe are most popular, known as “The Ants,” “Itching and Burning” and dances that use complex foot work.

After uncovering Wesleyan students and faculty feedback about Tik-Tok, the results of the app are overall positive. Tik-Tok seems to be an enjoyable outlet for all ages.

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