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As the fall season rolls around, and football season begins ramping up, people are getting excited for their Fantasy Football League by picking out their team name and thinking about who they want to draft. There are tons of Fantasy Football Leagues around the country, and there are also many leagues in the Wesleyan Community. Junior Bryce Masters, senior Carter Davis and Wesleyan parent Stephanie Powell are all part of a Fantasy Football League this year.

Bryce Masters: 

Junior Bryce Masters and his friends, Luke Carroll, Tanner Bivins, Matthew Morse, Hayden Morehouse, Beau Brown, Braden DeBow, Wyatt Hodges and JD Chipman are all part of a Fantasy Football League together this year. They have been preparing for this time of year to come and were eagerly ready to make their draft picks for this year’s league. For the drafting, they met up at Beau Brown’s house. Masters is projected to win the league so far, and some other dominant players in league are juniors Harrison Gracey and Beau Brown, but the season is not over quite yet. When asked if he thinks Fantasy Football is luck or talent, Masters said, “Mostly talent, with a little bit of luck involved. An important key is doing research before-hand and doing a few mock drafts.” When the time comes, the winner will get $135, second place $45 and third place $20. But now, what about the loser? The loser must go to Waffle House for 12 hours and must eat a waffle every single hour. Fantasy Football is one of Masters’ favorite past times in the fall, and he said his favorite parts about it are, “Watching NFL football, and it is also a fun little competition.”

Stephanie Powell:

For about a year, Wesleyan parent Stephanie Powell had been dreaming up the idea of creating a Fantasy Football League consisting of mothers and sons. With her son, Bo Powell, now in seventh grade, she thought there would be no better time to make her dream a reality. Thirty-two mother-son pairs started the Fantasy Football League this year, naming the league Wolves Fantasy Football. The league is immersed in the Wesleyan community with alumnus Parker Brunelle as the lead commissioner, and a portion of the leagues fee will be given to Wesleyan Missions. The league has been beneficial for the mother-son duos because it has brought them together and it is a great conversation starter. Powell said, “Every week we are watching our scores and deciding what to do with our team. We love to watch football together on Sundays.” Both the mothers and sons have really indulged into the league. When asked if the moms or the sons are better at Fantasy Football, Powell said, “It’s even; the moms are really into it. The mothers and sons even get in arguments sometimes about what to do with their team.” Some of the dominant members on the team are Team Cotter, JC Snorthog and Team McFunname. This league has been filled with fun for both the mothers and sons. Powell said, “Seeing this great group of 32 boys participate in something with their moms has been my favorite part about this experience.” The league is going to have a post season party to look back at the season and to look forward for the tradition that they are going to continue in the coming years.

Carter Davis:

This group of 10 senior boys has been participating in a Fantasy Football League together since seventh grade. Back in the day, Assistant Athletic Director for Operations Lee Rider and Middle School Principal Joseph Antonio were also in the league. This year, the fantasy league held their draft party at senior Carter Davis’ lake house. The dominant players this year so far have been Hunter Haran, Josh Aspinwall and Jamie Laframboise. When asked if Fantasy Football is talent or luck, Davis said, “A little bit of both, but it does take talent and luck to win it all.” Davis has always been the commissioner of the league, and he said, “Being commissioner comes with a lot of pressure because in past years when it has been a tie, I get to decide what has to happen to determine a winner.” This season, the loser of the fantasy league must pay the price by jumping into the Wesleyan lake during the wintertime. When asked what his favorite part of the fantasy league has been so far, he said, “The draft party up at my lake house has been my favorite memory throughout all of these years doing the league.”

Fantasy Football is a fall fan favorite each year, including faculty, parents and students at Wesleyan. With all the leagues drafting out of the way, it is now time to see who will come out on top, and who will fail. Which senior boy will be swimming in the freezing cold lake, and which junior will be scarfing down waffles for hours on end?

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