Behind the Scenes of The National Art Honors Society

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Wesleyan introduces new clubs and committees every year to incorporate every talent and skill students possess into the lives of the Wesleyan community. Wesleyan’s newest addition to its offered list of clubs is the National Art Honors Society. Complied of the most talented artists and visionaries Wesleyan has to offer, the National Art Honors Society works hard to diversify Wesleyan’s scenery and give the campus a more creative edge. Interviewed to learn more about the depth of work and skill it takes to be one of these talented club members were President Haley Gilliam, Vice President Jimmy Cox and Secretary Maddie Davis.

In order to get a deeper insight and fully understand all the National Art Honors Society does at Wesleyan, sophomore and secretary of the society Maddie Davis was asked about her involvement and skill level as it pertains to the club. Davis said, “I became interested in this club after hearing the new idea of an ‘Art Honors Society’ during a club time period. I then decided to join, as I wanted to further pursue my love for art! I would like to say my artistic specialty is drawing and painting (watercolor). I do not have a favorite ‘specialty’ style of art, however, painting is very stress relieving. I love to do most of my paintings after I finish my schoolwork at night, while listening to some quiet music. You most definitely do not have to be just a painter to be involved in NAHS. From detailed drawings, to mixed- media artists, NAHS has many students with a variety different artistic abilities. Although painting is one of the main skill NAHS may focus on, all types of art contribute.” Davis shares her love for art publicly with the Wesleyan community, and because of her willingness to do so, Wesleyan will grow to develop a more creative environment.

Additionally, junior and vice president of the NAHS Jimmy Cox was asked what he enjoys most about participating in the National Art Honors Society, Cox said, “My favorite part of being in Art-Club is creating ideas to make our school more vibrant and colorful place and to show the artistic side to Wesleyan.”

Senior and National Art Honors Society President Haley Gilliam was asked about the goals for the club, the hardships the club faces and how the society plans on overcoming these obstacles and finishing the projects the club has started. Gilliam said, “We’re currently trying to collect different ideas and designs and merge them into one big concept that we think would work well for Wesleyan’s campus. The plan is to paint three different murals on the walls of the wells outside of the language classrooms that relate to Wesleyan and its mission. Once we decide on a design for the wells, we will be working during lunch and after school to get them completed by the end of the year.” Gilliam, Cox and Davis’s talent combined with their overwhelming passion for art and innovation promises to leave a lasting mark on the campus and life of Wesleyan.

Wesleyan art teacher and founder of the NAHS Meagan Brooker also gave great insight as to how the society will operate at Wesleyan, what their goals for the campus are and what inspired the creation of this club. Brooker said, “NAHS is an art club led by students with an emphasis on using your creativity and art skills in service to the community. I decided to start a chapter for devoted art students to be able to use their skills in a meaningful way and to give them a venue to serve in the community besides in art class. This year, we are working on murals that will go in the ‘wells’ in front of Cleghorn Hall to brighten them up. We also hope to do some face painting at community outreaches.”

The National Art Honors Society has given Wesleyan art prodigies a creative outlet that not only allows them to use their voice, but also allows these students to leave a colorful mark on Wesleyans campus. As phrased on Wesleyans website, the National Art Honors Society “inspires and recognizes students with outstanding ability and keen interest in the visual arts” and allows them to utilize this exceptional talent to benefit the entirety of the schools’ community. Brooker, Cox, Davis and Gilliam were able to give behind-the-scenes insight into the life of the NAHS and just what it takes to become a member of this club.

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