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As the winter season of 2019 approaches, the Wesleyan fall sports are coming to an end. Each team has trained hard over the summer into the fall to complete a successful season that has made Wesleyan proud. Each team has shown dedication to their sport and the school by training rigorously to gain both victories and humbling experiences this fall. The outcome of each of these five sports has made this season one of Wesleyan’s best.

Water Polo:

The water polo team has just ended their best season since 2015, with an impressive eight wins, eight losses and one tie out of their seventeen games. Coach Kevin Kadzis said success was achieved this season from commitment by the team to playing their unique style of water polo. Kadzis said their best game took place in September, when the team beat Collins Hill High School even though they were down one player, and it was “awesome to see our team work together and overcome the odds to beat a good team when we were at a disadvantage.” The season started right after school began in August and ended on Sept. 29, and Kadzis said seniors Connor Beaty, Will Miller, Jack Godfrey and Isaiah Erb were the team’s leaders. Kadzis said, “We couldn’t have had a non-losing season without these guys,” showing the enthusiasm and diligence of this season’s water polo team.


This season’s football team has been both successful and entertaining for the Wesleyan community. With eight wins and only two losses, the team has crushed the competition through hard work, long practices and diligence throughout the season. One successful game was an away game on Oct. 25 against Landmark Christian, in which the Wolves won 45-7. Every home game has a fun, festive theme to get the Wesleyan community to come and support the team. Home games such as the Aug. 23 game against Meadowcreek and the incredible Homecoming game against Our Lady of Mercy on Sept. 20 were especially memorable and fun for all who attended. Collin Conduah and Josh Aspinwall as well as other seniors have been noticed by the crowd at games for delivering a great season during their senior year. The first playoff game, against First Presbyterian Day on Nov. 15 ended in the Wolves’ victory, which allows the team to continue in the playoffs through November.


 The cheerleading squad has trained hard all fall to motivate the football team and to pump up the crowd, and this season was yet another success. Sophomore and varsity cheerleader Anna Rae Copeland said that practice is usually two hours every day after school, and that their season will continue on through most of November because playoffs are just starting on Nov. 15. Copeland said that the galaxy themed game this season was her favorite because the cheerleading team was able to wear their special black uniforms and “dress up and take fun pictures.” Her favorite part of this season was the “fun team bonding experiences we get to have before games, whether it is an away game on the bus listening to music and dancing or a home game going to someone’s house and hanging out with all my cheer friends.” Copeland said she values her time with her teammates, and that participating in a sport with her friends is one of the many great things of this year’s cheerleading season.


The fall volleyball season had one of the strongest teams Wesleyan has ever had. With their season practices starting in late July and ending in mid-October, the team of 15 girls worked hard from the end of the summer into fall and made Wesleyan proud with 30 wins and 17 losses. Senior Tatum Connor said the team’s strongest game was playing Providence in an away game, in which Wesleyan pulled through after being down 11-4 and came back 15-13, proving their diligence and strength as a unified team. Connor’s favorite part about the team was not the sport itself but that “no matter what grade you’re in, you’re included. You get to know everybody, and everybody says hi in the hall and not just at volleyball.” When asked who she thought stood out this season, Connor said she thinks the whole team would agree on senior Meredith Mangum. “She was very good at defense, could always go anywhere on court and was very dependable, which we needed to help keep the team going forward.”


With a team of 17 strong girls, this softball season was memorable and successful. Their season ended with a whopping 32 wins and two losses, which is especially impressive. When sophomore Jessica Nolan was asked who she thinks the team would agree stood out this season, she said senior Madison Kerpics. Nolan said, “I think that everyone knows she stands out every year, and she has an amazing fight in her and never quits even through pain.” Nolan said that without Kerpics the team would not have had the successful season they had. When asked about their best game, Nolan answered that their game against Buford was important because defeating them each year is a big deal, and that they did not beat them easily because they were a challenge. Nolan also said that semifinals was an important game because it helped the team qualify for finals, in which the team did excellent. Nolan said the highlight of the season in her opinion was their retreat because it was “the first time she felt the team come together,” and that some of the season’s most memorable moments were made on their trip.

A look back on the fall sports season of 2019 shows how remarkable each of Wesleyan’s sports teams are. All of the teams trained over the summer or in the early fall and worked to the best of their ability. The fall sports of water polo, football, cheerleading, volleyball and softball succeeded by gaining victories, learning from losses and making Wesleyan proud.

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