New Year, New Computers: Wolves Go Pro

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The new year has many technology upgrades in store for Wesleyan faculty, students and the IT department. After three years with the Lenovo Think Pad, Wesleyan IT has decided to upgrade to new laptops. Many students have been curious about the new upgrade, wondering when it will occur, and what new computers the students and faculty will receive.

When asked “When should the upgrade of the new computers happen,” Junior Lindsey Suits said, “The upgrade should happen next year because the seniors are graduating soon, and it will mess up the rotation.” When IT specialists Andrew Blackburn and Cristian Piedra were asked when the upgrade of the new computers will occur, they said, “The new computer, which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 7, will be upgraded after spring break.” Blackburn said, “It will be easier to upgrade the computers after spring break rather than during summertime.” The Wesleyan community seems to be excited about the new change, although the current computers are also liked by most of the students. Junior Lindsey Suits said, “I like the computers we use currently, but I am excited about the new computers.” Senior Gannon Brown said, “I don’t like the computers we use; I would rather use Macs because they are faster and have more battery life.” Brown’s concerns relating to the current computer will be addressed with the upgrade with the new computers. Blackburn and Piedra said, “We would never really consider using Macs because of the stylus, but the new computer has a stylus, longer battery life and is a general improvement.”

Almost all of the Wesleyan students and faculty will receive a new computer. The seniors will not receive the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Although it might be a disappointment to some seniors, the senior class gets out of school at the end of April which would only allow the class to have the computer for a month and a half. Blackburn and Piedra said, “Seniors won’t receive the new computer because it doesn’t allow enough time to become accustomed to the new technology, and we don’t want to risk damaging the new computers.”

While the new computers will most likely be a fan favorite, there are many other exciting factors relating to the upgrade as well. After talking to a few people about the current computers, one specific thing students do not particularly like about the current computers is the thin stylus. The new computers not only offer a bigger stylus that resembles more of a pen shape, but it also allows students to purchase styli of different colors. Blackburn said, “I won’t be surprised if I see students purchasing different colored styli.”

Although the new upgrade will be an exciting change for the Wesleyan community, it also is essential for the students and faculty to continue to take care of the computers, such as handling the new computer with caution and care, along with keeping track of the unattached stylus and charger. Along with the unattached styli, the keyboard can also be attachable which will make it easier to write on, similar to an iPad. Piedra and Blackburn seem to be excited about the new upgrade that are coming soon. Hopefully the new computers will be a positive change in the way students will continue to learn in class every day.

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