Chick-fil-A Spices Up Menu

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After years of their famous menu, Chick-fil-A is removing items this year. In the past, there have been several changes, such as macaroni and cheese as a permanent side and chicken strips as an alternative to the regular nuggets. These were great deals in the past, but there is a whole lot more to expect from the upcoming modifications to America’s favorite fast food chain.

Chick-fil-A is not only very popular in the United States, but it is one of the favorite fast food restaurants of Wesleyan faculty and students. Wesleyan’s Spirit Shop sells Chick-fil-A biscuits and chicken minis each morning before school starts. High school geometry teacher Corrie Nash said, “I really like it when students give me [Chick-fil-A] gift cards.” Freshman Brendan O’Shields said, “It is my favorite fast food [restaurant], as the business there is always quick and the employees there are always very polite.” Chick-fil-A has always been a student favorite at Wesleyan, but now the restaurant is changing its menu. They are changing not just with one or two new items, but Chick-fil-A is removing, replacing and spicing up its menu.

On Jan. 13, the metro Atlanta chain tested three new spicy menu items, such as the Spicy Chick-n-Strips. There are even more changes coming this way. Not only are items being added, but some of America’s all-time favorite meals are being dropped from the menu. The breakfast items being removed will be the sunflower multi grain bagels and the sausage and egg biscuit. Decaf coffee will be taken off as well. The Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap and the side salad are also leaving the menu.

Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Wire blog answered the question everyone has been asking: “Why so much change? Our goal is to serve quality food as efficiently as possible. For us to continue providing the food and service you know and love, we are testing this modified menu to see if it improves your experience in our restaurants.”

One of Chick-fil-A’s main goals for the modified menu is to make the options spicier. Wesleyan senior Collin Conduah said, “In my opinion, the spicy food at Chick-fil-A is better, so it is certainly a welcome change since it will probably improve that specific item.” The item that Conduah is talking about is the Original Chick-n-Strips. Chick-fil-A is replacing the Original Chick-n-Strips and replacing it with Spicy Chick-n-Strips. This is a big shock to many people, but maybe this change is for the better. O’Shields said, “I am disappointed in the Chick-n-Strips being removed as this was always a hardy alternative in case I was not in the mood for a Chicken Sandwich.” However, O’Shields said that he, “feels this is an improvement as [the strips are] not as plain and boring, and it helps give more variety to the menu.”

In several states, Chick-fil-A is modifying the sizing of their meals. For example, Kid’s Nugget Meals will be offered as a five-count, Icedream Cones will be offered in size small and coffee will be offered in a size small. Along with all of these changes, Chick-fil-A is also becoming more environmentally friendly. All milkshakes, iced coffees and frosted beverages will all be offered in a clear 16 oz. cup as an alternative to the previous Styrofoam cups.

Students at Wesleyan eat at Chick-fil-A all the time because of the convenience of the Wesleyan Spirit Shop, Sophomore Summer Grace Cowart said, “I try not to go more than three times a week,” while Conduah said he goes to Chick-fil-A “about six-eight times a month.” Whether Chick-fil-A will be more successful or not with their new menu, students will continue to enjoy Chick-fil-A’s services, even if they cannot enjoy the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap anymore. Chick-fil-A is spicing up the menu like never before.

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