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Valentine’s Day is an ignored holiday for some, but for others, it is one of the best days of the year and is a time for celebration. Valentine’s Day gets its name from Saint Valentine who was a part of the Catholic Church. Some people believe that he was a priest back from the third century of Rome. He symbolizes love because Emperor Claudius the second declared that single men make better soldiers, and he stopped allowing young men to get married. Saint Valentine saw this as an injustice, so he continued to marry young men and women in secret. He was later sentenced to death, yet he was thought of as a hero for many. People believe mid- February was when he was killed which is why Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 14.

Valentine’s Day is a day where love is celebrated. People love this holiday for many different reasons, whether it be candy or being with loved ones. A survey went out to the Wesleyan High School to ask what student’s opinions are about Valentine’s Day with the first question asking, “Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day?”. The results came back with yes getting 58 percent of the votes. Question two asked what is the best Valentine’s Day candy. The options were Sweet Tart Lollipops, candy hearts, a box of chocolates and Reese’s Hearts. The winner with 39 percent of the votes was a box of chocolates.

Senior Bryn Alecxih was asked what her is favorite seasonal candy was. She said, “My favorite Valentine’s Day candies are the Reese’s hearts. They’re so much better than regular Reese’s cups, and they’re gone right away in my house.” Creative Director Brooke Dant was asked the same question, and she said, “Probably the heart shaped Reese’s. They are always so much better than the normal ones.”

The third question asked the students what is their favorite/least favorite part of Valentine’s Day. Some of the anonymous positive responses included seasonal candy, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and all the old Valentine’s traditions and foods. Other students said they do not like not having a valentine, how crowded restaurants are and having to buy gifts. Alecxih said, “My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is the entire day. It’s so fun because of the candy, the extra happiness, and I love to get home and see what my Mom has done.” Dant said, “Probably the food honestly, and I like hanging out with my friends and doing Galentine’s Day activities.” Galentine’s Day is a “holiday” were girls celebrate their other friends without having to stress about having a Valentine. Even though Valentine’s Day is the main holiday in the month of February, Galentine’s Day is a close second and is usually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day.

The last question in the survey was, “How do you spend Valentine’s Day?” Some of the answers included eating candy and hanging out with my friends, doing something special for my parents and doing Galentine’s Day. Some people choose to dislike this holiday and turn away from celebrating it, but there is so much possibility for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is more than just a holiday for couples to celebrate being together, it is a day where everyone can enjoy being together, whether they have a valentine or not.

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