Fun Ways to Stay Busy during Quarantine

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From binging Netflix, to exercising, to dying hair and more, the world is being faced with an unlimited amount of free time. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused the country to go on lockdown mode, causing families everywhere to self-quarantine. Without being able to see friends, go to school or even walk down the streets in some states, society is stuck at home trying to come up with fun things to occupy their time with. It is important to keep in mind that by staying home, you are helping to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

Staying at home can be boring, but there can be some benefits, such as more time with family. Sophomore Danielle Kelly said, “I’ve definitely been able to spend a lot of time with my family, especially my sister and brother, which has been awesome. Whether it’s running, playing cards or just sitting back and watching tv, I really do enjoy growing closer with them because in the midst of so much uncertainty, it’s great to be able to lean on people who love you.” Junior Caitlin Kelly said that she and her family “have all been going for walks and watching movies.” Kelly also said, “Since everyone is home, we have been seeing each other a lot more.” Quarantine is the perfect time to develop new and healthy habits and hobbies. Freshman Kate O’Shields said that she has been “cooking a little bit and reading a little more.” Others stuck in quarantine are doing things like developing healthy eating habits or learning a new hobby or skill. Mentor Leader Mitzie Richie has had lots of family time with “playing games, cooking together and watching movies.”

In the absence of face to face contact, people have developed new ways to stay connected. Video chatting, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Facetime, have been popular for schools, students, sports teams and more. Richie said she “really misses seeing [her] mentorship group every Tuesday.” However, even if you are not using streaming services to connect with friends and teammates, there are many more ways to find fun during this time of isolation.

How is a person supposed to spend their time when they have been cooped up for weeks? Now is a great time for cleaning and getting organized. There is no room for the excuse that you have no time because you are stuck at your home with all the time in the world.

Another way to spend the time is to read a book. Ritchie said that she has been “reading for fun!” Ritchie said, “I have read more than I have in ages!” In the midst of school, work and extracurriculars, often people have a hard time finding the time to simply sit down and read a book. Board and card games are also a great past time that can include the entire family. It is a great time to turn off the video games and get the whole family involved in an exciting game of Monopoly or UNO.

Everyone would benefit from a little creativity, so why not do some arts and crafts in your free time. Sidewalk chalk is a fun and clever way to express your inner creativity and have a super fun time on a sunny day. Jewelry making and sewing are also fun ways to get creative with arts and crafts.

For all of the Netflix or Disney+ users out there, what is a better way to spend your days then binge watching a series. Another fun way to spend quarantine is to download Tik-Tok and create fun and entertaining content. You can learn fun dances and showcase your talents and inner comedian. Snapchat and other social media platforms will also keep you busy during this time.

Just because a person cannot go to the movies or shopping centers does not mean you cannot step outside for a nice nature walk or run. Fresh air and exercise are not only good for physical health, but mental health as well. Anxiety and stress caused by distance learning can be relieved by picking up yoga. Online yoga classes are even available during this time. Yoga has many benefits on mental and physical health. Another fun thing to do is to learn how to cook. Kelly said, “I have tried baking foods even though I’m not super great at it.” Baking and cooking are fun and tasty ways to pass the time.

School is out for the rest of the semester, which means no dress codes or detentions. So why not try something new? For example, you can change your hair color to something crazy or get a risky new haircut. If all goes wrong, there is plenty of time to let it grow back, or even try something new. It might also be fun to change your fashion style or even get a makeover. Furthermore, it is a beautiful time to go outdoors and take some pictures or even have a photoshoot with your new look.

These are just small ways to occupy your time during quarantine and social distancing. It is important to spend extra time with family and keep reaching out to friends virtually. Even though everybody is in quarantine, it does not mean you cannot have fun. There is now plenty of extra time because of the Coronavirus, which can be used for relaxation, new habits, fun activities and more.  By staying home, you are helping to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, but lucky for you, listed above are many of the fun things which can occupy your time during these hours of quarantine. Remember to stay safe and have fun.

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