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National Championship: Crimson Tide Washes Over The Georgia Bulldogs In Overtime

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Billions of seconds, thousands of heartbeats, two teams, one champion. On Jan. 8 the Georgia Bulldogs faced the Alabama Crimson Tide in Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga. Although the match-up was not the most critically acclaimed due to both teams coming from the SEC, the race to the finish proved to be one hard fought battle.

At halftime, the Georgia Bulldogs led 13-0 and the future seemed very bright for the “Junkyard Dawgs.” However, poor execution, very controversial referee mistakes and conservative mind-sets caused the Dawgs to cry tears of defeat, instead of triumph.

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A Glimpse Into Psychology: Uncovering The Truth About Happiness

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    Christian Life Director Greg Lisson holding up the mask of humanity and normal happiness, with the truth existing below the surface. Alayna Fogarty.
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    Senior Alejandra Gleason poses next to the room that makes her happy. Alayna Fogarty.
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    Junior Hannah Sterling holds up a piece of paper indicating what makes her happy. Alayna Fogarty.
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    History teacher Dennis Stromie smiles because he knows the thing that makes him happy. Alayna Fogarty.
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    Senior Ben Connor is pictured holding one of the things that makes him happy. Alayna Fogarty.

Today, happiness is seen as the number of smiles that exist on faces each day. But when the mask is peeled away and the truth remains, happiness is so much more. Regular happiness is temporary, but underneath the smiling mask, one can find the true joy of a human being.

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The Start of Something New: Clubs and Activities

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Just Dance Club- “Despite the name, Just Dance Club is just as much for people who aren’t naturally inclined dancers. Improvement over perfection, right?” said junior Rachel Hudson. Hudson runs the new Just Dance Club alongside dance teacher and Middle School Theater Director Stephanie Simmons, who sponsors the club.  This is a low commitment club, meeting only on the specific Friday club times and having different choreography each time clubs meet. Even if dancing is not your best suit, it is worth a try because you might just have a change of heart. Hudson said, “The main purpose of the club is to give a platform for people who want to teach choreography and for people who are tired from sitting all day and want to get up and move a little.”

Juniors Rachel Hudson and Trinity Russo are practicing dance moves. Hudson.

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College Football: Who Will Come Out On Top?

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The beginning of school always brings the exciting factor of good ol’ college football. The 2017-18 football season is a fresh start for every team, and fans can look forward to the start of the season with new schedules and new rankings for their teams.

Even though it is still early in the season for all teams, already some predictions have been made for who will be in the college football playoffs. Prior to the start of the season, experts predicted: #1 Alabama over #4 Ohio State; #2 Clemson over #3 Washington. This would then leave Alabama and Clemson, with the prediction of Alabama beating Clemson in the national championship game. Last year the Tigers pulled off a 35-31 win against the University of Alabama to end their season. A potential rematch would be a fan favorite because it would take the same two teams from last year’s national championship game and stir up a rematch with the Crimson Tide coming out on top.

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Softball Begins Season: One Body With Many Parts

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The Lady Wolves have begun their season and are now in full swing. The Wesleyan softball team recently started off their season with two wins from a double header against GACS and Lovett. The scores were 5-0 against GACS and 8-7 against Lovett.

Head softball coach Mary Stephenson said, “Our overall goal is the same from season to season and that is how to learn to be a true reflection of the body of Christ… we talk a lot about being one body and many parts and being able to make sacrifices for the good of the team, so we use softball to understand how to put others above yourself.”

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