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How to Stay Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Many people fear contracting the coronavirus during this difficult time, but if you know how to best protect yourself, then you should not have to worry. The coronavirus’ rapid spread has affected the way we all live our lives. From school to sporting events, many of our daily activities are now canceled, postponed, or done from our homes. While you should still try to continue to do productive and fun things in your day, it is important to remember that your health and safety come first. Here are some ways that one can stay safe, whether it is in the home or out in public.

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Wesleyan Celebrates Black History Month

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Each February, Americans come together to celebrate the culture and identity of African Americans in our country’s history. This is known as Black History Month or African American History Month. According to the History Channel, Black History Month was first officially recognized in 1976 by President Gerald Ford. February was the chosen month because both President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas were born in this month. Also, every year since its official beginning, the month has been given a specific theme. The 2020 theme is “African Americans and the Vote,” and this is in honor of the sesquicentennial of the Fifteenth Amendment (which granted African American men the right to vote), and the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment (which granted American women the right to vote).

Every other year, the Wesleyan Lower School teachers and students celebrate and decorate for Black History Month. Each class is focused on a different famous African American man or woman. The class will research their activist and put a display about that person’s life and their contributions to the Civil Rights movement on their classroom door. On Feb. 12, instead of having classes, the lower school students took turns learning about activists from other classes and teaching those classes about their own activist.

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Spring Sports Preview

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It is a new year, and that means that it is time for the start of the spring sports season. All of Wesleyan’s spring athletes and coaches are preparing for tryouts or the beginning of practice. The Wolves’ spring sports teams had a record-breaking last year, but now they are getting ready for their best season yet. Here is what the Wolves will be up to this spring:

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The Catalan Independence Movement

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The people of Spain are divided, and soon the land may be divided too. For many years, people living in Catalonia, an upper region of Spain known for the famous city of Barcelona, have been trying to break away from the country and gain independence.

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Rollin’ into Fall Theater

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An event that all theater fans get excited for in the beginning of the school year is the middle school fall play, especially one as engaging as this year’s “Wagon Wheels A-Rollin’.” The middle school show is always family friendly, and many people in the Wesleyan community rushed to get tickets. Like years before, Lencke Theatre sold out of seats for this show. “Wagon Wheels A-Rollin’was an exciting and action-packed story about life in the wild western town of Vinegar Bottle. The cast consisted of a wide variety of characters, including cowboys, saloon girls and bandits. The play was directed by the middle school theater director Stephanie Simmons. Keep Reading

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