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Eyeball Day Impresses Students and Faculty

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Corneas, pupils and optic nerves are just three of the amazing wonders of the eyeball that were explored during a trip through the eyeball on Wesleyan’s fourth grade Eyeball Day.

Last month, the Wesleyan fourth graders hosted Eyeball Day in the lower school. They decorated one of the rooms as the inside of an eyeball where they gave tours to anyone who wanted to see it and learn about the human eye.

Lower school teacher Megan Rappe said, “We have eyeball day because the fourth graders are studying the structure and function of the eye in science taught by Mrs. Cooper.  Not only do they learn about it but have to figure out how to teach it to others – younger students, high schoolers, and adults.”

Each fourth grader acted as a tour guide to the person they were leading through the eye. Fourth grader, Eli Hewitson, said, “On eyeball day I learned that the kids I toured were very curious about the eye, and I enjoyed that the kids listened to every word that my partner and I said.”

The fourth graders were very informative and knew a wide array of information about the eye. Rappe said that the fourth graders were excited to show off their knowledge to people of all ages.

Everyone who went through the eyeball room was very impressed with the knowledge that the fourth graders portrayed. Rappe said, “My favorite part of eyeball day was watching how comfortable the fourth graders were with the high schoolers and how sweet the high schoolers were with the little ones.  They were very proud of their own efforts.”


Tennis Teams Start the Season Off Right

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Roger Federer and Serena Williams have nothing on Sophia Strickland, Cullen Davis and the rest of our tennis all-stars. The Wesleyan girls and boys tennis teams are working hard this year to make a good run in the State Championship.

After coming off a win in the State Championship last year, the girls tennis team is putting in time and effort in order to once again get their shot at state. Junior, Lauren Alexander, said that her favorite part about playing tennis at Wesleyan is spending time with the team and being able to grow closer.

“My personal goal is to consistently perform for my team so that they can have confidence during their matches,” Alexander said.

Senior, Sophia Strickland, said that Lovett is going to be their toughest opponent this year, but they have already beaten Lovett 3-2, so that is a good sign for the rest of the season. Strickland has been playing tennis for ten years, and this fall, she will be continuing her tennis career at Johns Hopkins University.

The boys tennis team is also working hard to be a contender in the State Championship this year. Junior, Cullen Davis, said that his favorite part about playing tennis at Wesleyan is all of the great facilities that Wesleyan offers for the sport.

Like Strickland, Davis also said that the team’s toughest opponent this year will be Lovett. When asked about a team goal for this year, Davis said, “I would say that a good team goal for this season would be to make the state tournament. Our region is very tough this year and to make the state tournament after coming out of this region would be a very big accomplishment.”

Wesleyan Teachers Valentine’s Quiz

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Mission Trip Retreats Get Students Excited for Trips

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Life stories, fellowship, and unlimited frozen lasagna are just three amazing aspects of the Wesleyan mission trip retreats. Every year, the Wesleyan mission trip teams take the weekend to go to someone on the team’s mountain or lake house in order for everyone to get to know their team better. This is a very important weekend for teams because it gives everyone a chance to share their faith journey and be themselves without the distraction of school or sports.
This year, the Bulgaria team is going to junior Abbie Lochmandy’s lake house; the Panama girl’s team is going to junior Whitney Archer’s mountain house; the Atlanta team is going to senior Kendall Dearth’s lake house, the Chattanooga team is going to senior Josh Garrard’s lake house; the Guatemala coed trip is going to junior, Emma Preston’s lake house; the Guatemala boys team is going to sophomore Daniel Baisier’s mountain house; the Dominican Republic girls team is going to junior Emily Greer’s lake house; the Dominican Republic boys team is going to junior Jason McCleskey’s lake house, and the Nicaragua team is going to junior Katie Stipe’s lake house.
This year, all of the mission trip retreats were a huge success, and everyone was able to grow closer as a team and get extremely excited for their trips. Junior, Eric Panther, who is going on the Guatemala Co-ed trip said, “It was amazing to see the different personalities mesh into one group who was willing to be vulnerable with each other and share their stories to grow closer as a team.”

Vet Club Taking Over Wesleyan and WSB-TV

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From getting their hands dirty with the blood of hurt animals to trips up to a farm full of alpacas, the students involved in Vet Club definitely get their fair share of veterinary experience. Vet Club is one of the most recognized and respected clubs that Wesleyan offers to its students.

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