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Wesleyan Wolves Spring into Action

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With winter activities coming to a close, spring athletes are shaping up for another season of lacrosse, soccer, track and field, golf, baseball and tennis.

The Wesleyan Wolves are already off to a winning season.

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Kiss Me Kate, Coming Soon

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    Kiss Me Kate theater poster.

Kiss Me Kate

The Wesleyan Wolf Players have been rehearsing since November to perfect Kiss Me Kate, a unique frame story production contrasting the 1940s with the Renaissance Era. Junior Kelsey Rappe describes the show as “a complicated, but hilarious love story that takes theater inception to a whole new level.” The Red Carpet Premiere is on Feb. 8, and the show starts at 7 p.m.

The Red Carpet Premiere creates a better overall experience for the audience and the cast members because “the actors feed off of the audience,” according to stage manager Maguire Wilder. “It’s great to kick off a show’s run feeling so loved and supported.”

Audiences can look forward to an eleven-minute dance number called “Too Darn Hot” kicking off Act 2 and two “hilarious New York gangsters” played by junior Brooks Lalley and sophomore Patterson Beaman. Fellow cast member Kelsey Rappe said, “Every scene with them leaves you in stitches,” and senior Alexis Wildermuth claims their character portrayals “alone should be enough for someone to want to see the show.”

Freshman Carson McKinney said this “wow factor” production “is like this sudden burst of chaos, classical slap-stick humor and random flash mobs that just make the audience stand up after every number.”

Junior Lauren Pavelec, sophomore Laura Von Bargen, and sophomore Jana Smith created countless elaborate costumes for each cast member from both time periods that tie the whole show together and really submerge the audience into the story.

Feb. 8 has been designated at a strict homework-free night, so come show some school spirit, have a good laugh, and support the Wolf Players next week in Wesleyan’s winter production of Kiss Me Kate.

Give Blood, Save Lives

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According to the American Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds.

Wesleyan is doing its part to contribute to the available blood supply on Jan. 20 by inviting the American Red Cross to host a blood drive. Keep Reading

Artists Showcase Their Work

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Art is essential in our world because it allows for vulnerable expression, emotional and physical outlets for the creative and communication that breaks the barriers of time, language and culture.

Even though art is so prevalent in society, there is little recognition for those brave enough to expose their art for others to admire and judge. This article is dedicated to those courageous high school students who have decided to share their art and ideas behind it with their community.

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Wesleyan Represents So Worth Loving

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So Worth Loving is a local clothing company based on the importance of self-love and self-worth founded by Eryn Eddy Erickson, a Georgian musician and entrepreneur.

Erickson “unwittingly birthed an inspirational brand” five years ago, according to Atlanta Magazine. She was a musician who wanted to create a physical reminder for her fans that they are worthy of love. Her songs are “melodic poetry sewn together by contagious hooks and powered by rhythmic, electronic pop-rock fusion” that are all “about empowerment and about overcoming your obstacles.”

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