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Wolves Tackle a New Season

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  • football-sign.jpg
    Varsity football team runs through the sign before their first game. BRIAN L. MORGAN
  • Flour-toss.jpg
    High school student section gets hype at kickoff at the first game of the season. BRIAN L. MORGAN
  • wolfies.jpg
    Wesleyan's favorite mascots make an appearance at the kickoff game. BRIAN L. MORGAN
  • Captains.jpg
    Senior Captains John Morris, Michael Payne, Harrison Cook, and Adam Moon get ready for kickoff against Therrell. BRIAN L. MORGAN
  • Brian_L_Morgan_20160819_BMC7058-1.jpg
    Football players celebrate a win against Therrell in their first game of the season. BRIAN L. MORGAN

It is that time of year again; Friday night lights has returned. Students, teachers and parents eagerly anticipate returning to Henderson Stadium to cheer on the wolves. Wesleyan’s football program is a major aspect of school life every fall, not only for the players and coaches, but also for the fans. From the Kickoff Dinner, to the Homecoming game and everything in between, the Wolves never fail to show up to support the team.

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Wesleyan Students Adjust to a New Schedule

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New year, new schedule. Contrary to previous years, the high school began the 2016-2017 school year with a different schedule. The new schedule was diligently crafted by many high school faculty members from various departments, to benefit the Wesleyan students, teachers, and community as a whole.

While the schedule is not entirely different from last year’s, it does include some significant changes.

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