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Georgia Citizens Prepare for Election

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A month before elections, Georgia citizens are involved doing several things: putting yard signs of candidates out in the yard, setting up voting registration, and advertising for their preferred candidate.

The previous election for the House of Representatives was on November 2016 which means there will be an election this year since representatives only have two-year terms. Elections for the House of Representatives will be occurring not just in Georgia, but across the nation.

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Oh, The Places You Can Go This Fall

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The fall season marks the beginning of several activities: sweaters are finally taken off from the hangers, leaves change colors and the weather begins to feel cooler. All these changes encourage people to go on new adventures whether it be to a trail, park or a farm. Below are some of the places you can visit throughout the fall season in Georgia.

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Wesleyan Athletes Race for Scott Schoenthal’s Circle of Love

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On Oct.28, Wesleyan athletes participated in a 5K race for an organization called Scott Schoenthal’s Circle of Love.

This organization was created in honor of a man named Scott Schoenthal. Schoenthal was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer, when he was 18-years-old. Fortunately, he recovered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and moved to Texas when he was 21-years-old. Three years later, cancer returned to attack his body, but this time it was Testicular Cancer.

Schoenthal battled testicular cancer for several years. During his illness, Schoenthal ran a 5K race to show others he was not ready to give up. After years of fighting, Schoenthal passed away on May 18, 2017. In the midst of everything, Schoenthal was surrounded by his family and friends, his circle of love.

Strength and Conditioning coach Dustin Wolf was a very close friend of Schoenthal’s and he is currently associated with this organization. Wolf said, “We first started a GoFundMe to help his family, but after he passed away, we created a charity to help all the local families suffering from cancer.”

This year was the first 5K race event for this charity. All the donations of this event benefited an 18-year-old girl who was diagnosed with cancer. Wolf encouraged Wesleyan athletes to sign up for the race and he gave them a treat for racing; “The athletes that signed up for the race, and completed the 5K by walking, running, skipping or crawling, will take the following week off from workouts.”

Several athletes from Wesleyan showed up to race on Sunday morning to support this organization. Senior cheerleader Ansley Harper said, “I thought that it was a great opportunity for all the cheerleaders to support Coach Wolf and the cure for cancer as it has affected his family and friends.”

Some Wesleyan athletes have had family members affected by cancer and decided this was a great way to demonstrate their support towards this cause. Junior cheerleader Aubrey DeAugustinis said, “my mother suffered from cancer.” Harper said, “My aunt and one of my friend’s mom had cancer and are both survivors, so I think its super important to support the cause whenever possible.”

Sophomore Alyssa Phillip encourages the school community to be involved in activities like these to raise awareness on cancer; “We can not understand the pain the people with cancer are going through but donating our money and running the race is our way of helping these people and showing them that we care.” DeAugustinis said, “It is important to be involved in activities such as this to raise money and awareness for the cause.”

Harper said, “Activities such as these are important because they bring the community together to support something bigger than themselves.”

Wolf motivates the school to support this organization. The organization can be found on Facebook as “Scott Schoenthal’s Circle of Love.” Wolf said, “This is a easy way to keep up with the next event or to see how the charity is helping local families on a continual basis.”

Wesleyan Football and Marching Wolves

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Last school year, Wesleyan School graduated 20 football players and for the Wesleyan Varsity Football team this year, it means a whole different set of players came to play the game. The team currently has played five games, two won and three loss. Having to coach new young players does not intimidate any of the coaches for what lies ahead of the season. Head football coach Franklin Pridgen said, “Each team is always different because kids graduate, and others rise up. That makes it very fun to coach at this level. A new senior class every year always puts their stamp on our season.”

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Clubs and Activities Encourage Participation In the High School

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    Seniors Anna Balch, Andrew Pridgen, Donald Conley, and Josh Rahman enjoy their club time writing and sharing stories in Creative Writing Club with English teacher Dawson Zimmerman. Melany Mendez.
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    Strength & Conditioning Coach Dustin Wolf plays a match of ping pong while Sophomore Matthew Morse and Seniors Wood Reeves and Kyle Cleveland watch. Melany Mendez.
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    Student Government works hard during club time to plan for events for the high school. Melany Mendez.

After the bell rings marking the end of the 2nd period class on Friday, the student body disperses into their clubs and activities. During this time, students from different grade levels and faculty share time together doing activities they enjoy. English teacher Dawson Zimmerman said, “Club time is the time in my life where I feel most alive.” For Ping-Pong Club sponsor Dustin Wolf, “During club time, thinking stops and doing begins.” This year, there are several returning clubs and activities as well as new clubs that students can join.

This year, Zimmerman is sponsoring the Creative Writing Club, which is a low-commitment club anyone can join. Zimmerman said, “many of our most devout members never even show up.” Whether you are passionate about English or not, “Creative Writing is a club for all people.” Some activities students do is “write creative things, prose and poetry, for no particular reason.” One thing Zimmerman wants students to know is that they “should join this club because we are all meant to write creatively, even if we’re terrible at it.”

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