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On Top at Sharp Top Cove

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The annual event that is Freshman Retreat is a timeless Wesleyan Tradition performed every year that brings students closer together with their peers, teachers and most of all, God. It is an opportunity for the Wesleyan freshman class to meet new people, create new bonds and prepare for the upcoming school year in dynamic fashion. Freshman Retreat is started with the intense excitement and energy on the morning of Aug. 9, when the Staff and Students arrived on campus to welcome the freshman and hype them up for an amazing weekend full of fun, food and Jesus.

From the moment the students and staff were loaded on the bus, the enthusiasm was evident. The 90-minute journey to this year’s destination was filled with silly games, beautiful karaoke and meaningful conversations and connections. The time flew by and before they knew it, they had arrived at this year’s retreat destination: Sharp Top Cove. Upon arriving at Sharp Top, the students and staff were flooded with fun team building activities and games.  Some of the activities include basketball, beach volleyball, human pyramid building, swimming, zip lining and the messiest of all: shaving cream wars. So many activities made so many favorite moments and memories being created. Senior Chris O’Sullivan said, “My favorite memory was getting to know the freshmen in my peer group and having fun with them.”

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A Letter From Leadership

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Dear Wesleyan Community,

It was July 10, 2014, when Conor McGregor (my favorite UFC fighter) stood in the middle of the Octagon in front of 20,000 roaring fans in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, at the O3 arena. He had just knocked out Diego Brandao, and the atmosphere and crowd were electric. Not a single fan was sitting in their seat. It was pure pandemonium. After his hand was raised, acknowledging his victory, he began to do his post-fight interview, breaking down and analyzing what had just taken place during the bout. For the most part, McGregor was going through the motions giving his standard answers and quick-witted, brash, outlandish remarks the only way he knows how to. Until he grabbed the microphone and said these legendary words: “We are not here just to take part. We are here to take over.”

Time stopped, and it was at that moment everyone watching knew that something special was taking place. You could feel the greatness radiating from the TV screen. It was clear that we were witnessing a revolution beginning to take shape, led by one man on a mission. Everyone knew that this was McGregor’s TAKEOVER moment, and that when he was finished the sport of Mixed Martial Arts would be changed forever. In fact, those words changed me forever. It’s been five years since he uttered those words and, in that time, nothing has garnered as much passion, emotion, motivation, anticipation, and expectation within me as that night.

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