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Senior Signings: One Step Closer to College

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This fall nine athletes are taking a big step and signing with various colleges to continue their athletic career. Athletes perform in various sports such as: baseball, basketball, diving, golf and volleyball. These athletes will soon attend schools all around the country. Keep Reading

How to Ace Exams

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Exams are coming up and many students are beginning to stress out. There are many studying tips that can improve testing and grades.

Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.
Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.

One way to study is with frequent breaks. Obviously, do not take a ten minute break every five minutes, but to study in small amounts. These amounts can be 20 or so minutes with a quick five minute break in between to relax. Also, do no study all in one night. Studying over a span of days will help spark the brain retaining the information in a healthier manner.

Another way to study is to study at the end of the day, right before bed. This studying habit will lock in the information as the brain strengthens new memories while asleep, giving the brain a chance to remember what was learned the night before. Keep Reading

Advice Column: How to Handle Stress

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Dear Anonymous,

I know what being stressed feels like and it is not fun! I always feel like I have a million different things going on too and it drives me crazy. It is definitely hard to balance everything, especially when it comes to family, friends, and school! Although it might be difficult, there are many practical ways to alleviate stress in your life. First, try to keep a gratitude journal so you can write about things that inspire you and make you happy. Focusing on the things you are grateful for helps you see the positive things in your life.

Personally, being organized with my room, planner, closet and other things that typically get cluttered or messy helps keep my life organized. Often I rush to get ready because I sleep in too late in the morning, and mornings are so important because it can either cause my day hectic or not. To prevent that from happening, try going to bed earlier to get more sleep! Also, set a time, like 10 p.m., to drop everything, turn off the lights and go to sleep. Engraving this habit in your mind is so important because getting the proper eight hours of sleep will help your brain function smoothly during the school day. Another technique that may help to boost your day is carving out time in the morning to get ready and follow your daily routine. Obviously, this process is different for boys and girls, but making yourself presentable and feeling confident with how you look gives you that extra boost of confidence to start the day off great.

Adding to self-confidence in the morning, focus on the Lord with prayer or a devotion. Stress buildup is negative, but prayer and worship can help alleviate some of the negativity that stress causes. While stressed, your physical body tends to tense up, causing you to feel uncomfortable; running or exercising will release endorphins, a group of chemicals in your brain. Don’t like running? Take a walk or just enjoy being outside with the fresh air. After the run, workout or fresh air, your body will be able to relax and feel less tense.  Finally, take a bath! Just relax. Stress is no fun, especially during the school year, where we are pressured to always give our best performance. Thankfully, there are many solutions to this problem that will help you live a healthier and happier life.

Good Luck!



If you need advice, email the Green and Gold.


Falling in Love with Fall

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Fall is undeniably the best season. There are countless activities to enjoy. How could someone not fall in love with fall?

Some of my favorite fall activities are the simplest. Cuddling up in a warm blanket with a big bowl of popcorn while watching “Gilmore Girls” might be my personal favorite activity, but other activities include jumping in a leaf pile. I mean come on! How classic is that?

Spencer Sutlive- Payton Kaloper enjoys jumping in a leaf pile
Payton Kaloper enjoys jumping in a leaf pile. Spencer Sutlive.

Pumpkin carving is also a great way to enjoy what fall has to offer. There is pumpkin everything these days. Although pumpkins have become synonymous with fall, pumpkin carving has been traditionally associated with the fall season. Recently, the Wesleyan high school cross country teams enjoyed a fun pumpkin-carving party.

Senior Emma Preston, high school teacher Payton Kaloper-Megan Trotter and Coach Smith’s daughter, Molly, smile and laugh while carving their cute pumpkin design.
Senior Emma Preston, high school teacher Megan Trotter and Coach Josh Smith’s daughter, Molly, smile and laugh while carving their cute pumpkin design. Payton Kaloper.

While pumpkin carving might be enjoyable for most, one can never go wrong getting cozy up to a warm, crackling fire. Whether it may be the roasting of marshmallows to make s’mores or sitting with boots and a beanie with a loved one by your side, an aesthetic bonfire will never go out of style.

Payton Kaloper- Sitting by the warm fire with friends
Sitting by the warm fire with friends. Payton Kaloper.

There are also many cute fall arts and crafts, like making the perfect bird feeder. This is probably one of the easiest fall crafts. All you need is a pine cone, a few tablespoons of peanut butter, roughly a half a cup of bird seed and a string to hang the bird feeder. First, tie the string around one side of the pine cone, then coat is with as much peanut butter as possible, after that, you drench it in bird seeds. This is so easy and definitely kid-friendly.

Payton Kaloper- The pine cone bird feeder steps
The pine cone bird feeder steps. Payton Kaloper.

Car rides through scenic routes are exciting especially with good friends. The best thing about fall drives, in the south especially is, being able to notice the changing of the leaves. This is truly God’s creation at work.

Junior Abbie Blauser enjoys a long car ride with friends. Payton Kaloper.
Junior Abbie Blauser enjoys a long car ride with friends. Payton Kaloper.

Soaking up some Vitamin D while enjoying some tasty southern comfort foods and a candle is a perfect way to enjoy the autumnal outdoors. Some fall food may include: pumpkin pie, apple pie, chili, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese or apple cider!

Payton Kaloper sits and enjoys her picnic. Jake Kaloper
Payton Kaloper sits and enjoys her picnic. Jake Kaloper.

If you are looking for fun ways to enjoy fall, refer back to this easy list. You’re welcome to interpret it your own way!



Post-Game Interviews

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The following are Post-Game Interviews with Junior Payton Kaloper.


*Interview with Senior Natalie Armstrong

Payton: “Hey Nata

lie, way to win tonight. As a team, what do you think the best aspect of the game was?”

Natalie: “I think we all did well and played as a team and it was a huge game for us because we are now the number one seed in the area. I am proud of us for ending it on a good note.

*Interview with Junior Maddie Lloyd

Payton: “Hey, Maddie. Way to pull through with a win tonight. As a team player, what was the hardest aspect of the game and how did your team overcome it?”

Maddie: “Usually we have so much energy. We go out there really strong but tonight we were low on the energy. We just needed more energy.”

Payton: “Awesome, thank you, Maddie. Great job tonight.”

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