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Students Express Themselves Through AP Art

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When thinking about Advanced Placement courses, AP is often perceived as one of the “easier” AP classes in the eyes of some students. AP Art, however, is one of the most challenging AP’s Wesleyan has to offer with one of the heaviest workloads.

For these artists, their work starts in the summer with the completion of their summer visual journal. Over the summer, the AP Art students each had to complete a summer visual journal full of their work. Artists had to complete 10 pieces of art and photographers had to complete 100 pieces. Many students had to come to school to work on their pieces using the resources at Wesleyan. These pieces are used to make a base and see the artists’ basic skills, and some of their pieces can be used for final projects. “I loved working on my visual journal over the summer. I planned my pieces for the year and got to do some experimenting. I am really happy with how my pages turned out,” said Senior Ashton Cameron.

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Wesleyan Marches Into a New Season

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While a majority of the school was relaxing over summer break, the Wesleyan Marching Wolves marched onto campus to start learning their new music and routine.

Their season began in late July when the band attended summer band camp at Oglethorpe University. There, they began the long and arduous task of learning their halftime routine. An average day at band camp consisted of “waking up at 7:15, having visual practice until lunch, sectionals until break/dinner, and then full ensemble rehearsal until 9:00 p.m.,” said sophomore Skylar Williams.

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Community Gathers for Wesleyan Artist Market

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  • artist-market-4.jpg
    Middle and Lower school art were displayed all around the market. Zetzsche.
  • artist-market-3.jpg
    An art display set up by volunteers for the 2017 Artist Market. Zetzsche.
  • artist-market-2.jpg
    Full view of the Wesleyan Artist Market 2017. Zetzsche.
  • artist-market-1.jpg
    Sophomore Zoe Jackson poses with a variety of her homemade soaps and bath products. Zetzsche.
  • arist-market-5.jpg
    Artists set up on the bottom floor of Yancy for the Artist Market. Zetzsche.

Along with the arrival of spring, came the bloom of the 2017 Wesleyan Artist Market. For the past year, parents and volunteers alike worked diligently to perfect this year’s market. The Wesleyan Artist Market is a yearly opportunity for artists throughout the community to come together to showcase and sell their work.

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The Top Ten Best Things About Spring

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  • spring-1.jpg
    Sophomores Hampton Henderson and Will Parrish engage in deep conversation outside in the warm weather. ZETZSCHE
  • spring-2.jpg
    Now that spring is upon us, flowers are in full bloom around campus. ZETZSCHE
  • spring-3.jpg
    Freshmen Connor Beaty and Sims Johnson give the warm weather a thumbs up. ZETZSCHE
  • spring-4.jpg
    Freshmen Bryn Alecxih, Anna Turner and Liza Yates enjoy the spring weather by spending the break after lunch outside on the quad. ZETZSCHE

As the frigid season of winter comes to a close, everyone is ready to SPRING into a new season. Spring is definitely the best season of the year for ten reasons.

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Wesleyan Does Something Beautiful for the Community

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  • Khedouri-Chapel-.jpg
    Students were given their $100 in envelopes stamped with 'Do Something Beautiful For God. Brian L. Morgan.
  • Khedouri-Chapel-Teacher.jpg
    Teacher, Jeff Foster receives his $100 from high School Principal, Jeff PlunK. BRIAN MORGAN
  • Khedouri-Chapel.jpg
    Seniors Whitney Archer and Eric Panther receive their $100 from Greg Lisson BRIAN MORGAN
  • Mr.-Khedouri.jpg
    Athletic Director, Marc Khedouri gives chapel devotion on the 'Do Something Beautiful for God' project. BRIAN MORGAN

As February, the month of love approached, Wesleyan School Athletic Director, Marc Khedouri was working on an enormous act of love. Khedouri and friends donated $60,000 to all the Wesleyan high school students and faculty with only one instruction on what to do with the money:

Do something beautiful for God.

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