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Rewind of 2016

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Throughout the year 2016, the United States celebrated wins, mourned the death of many stars and danced along to many new trends.

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Wesleyan Family Christmas Traditions

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  • christmas-traditions-1-1.png
    Sophomore Sofia Vajello enjoys Christmas with her family. Sofia Vajello.
  • christmas-traditions-color-wildermuth.jpg
    Senior Alexis Wildermuth and sophomore Jared Wildermuth enjoy Christmas traditions with their family. Jared Wildermuth.

Christmas is known as the “most wonderful time of the year,” but everyone has a different reason why Christmas is their favorite time of the year. Every family has different Christmas traditions and a different way to celebrate. The Green and Gold asked around Wesleyan to see what some of these different traditions are.

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Community Reaction to Clown Sightings

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For years, clown suits have been used as popular Halloween costumes, but this year the so-called funny costume has been taken to a new level of creepiness. Since the end of August, people dressed in clown costumes have been sighted in different states tormenting children, students and even adults.

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Chorus Hits a High Note

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  • Chamber-Singers-2016-2017.jpg
    Wesleyan Chamber Singers ready to steal the show. Brock Derringer

From everyday classes to on-stage performances, the Wesleyan Chorus has been working to perfect their talents. They sing all types of music from today’s top hits, sacred music and even some old classics. In the past two years, chorus has doubled in size which gives them “a very different and more solid sound” according to choral director Brock Derringer.

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Cheerleaders Get Fired Up For The Wolves

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From the laps run around the track after dropping stunts in the bright sun to the Friday nights spent under the field’s bright lights, there is a lot more to cheerleading than the average football fan sees.

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