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Fantasy Football Update: 2016

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    Russell Wilson Credit: Peter Yang

Fantasy football has wrecked us all again this season. As the season has finally winded down, the majority of boys are murmuring how they do not want to play again because of the emotional turmoil that it caused in the recent months.

Wesleyan has several leagues that run within it. The seniors have a large league that has been in tact since 8th grade. This year’s winner, Clint Prettyman, said, “This was my first time winning the league. I have made the playoffs many times but have never been able to capitalize. I won the championship this year as the last team into the playoffs as the 4th seed.”

When asked about his team, Clint commented that his team struggled at times during the season. He said, “Some key contributors to my team this year was the QB duo between Carson Palmer and Russell Wilson and Amari Cooper.” He also managed to pick up Devonta Freeman and Doug Martin as free agents. Congratulations to Clint Prettyman as the winner of the senior league.

Now to look at the other side of the spectrum. The loser of the senior league, Drew Aspinwall, was pretty upset about his season. Aspinwall said, “It’s a game of inches.” Aspinwall managed to drop Todd Gurley before his spree of good play. Aspinwall also commented, “There is a slim difference from first to last.”

The junior class also had a good league this past year which ended with a winner of Ryan Weed.  There were leagues throughout all grades at Wesleyan, across the Metro Atlanta area, and even around the world.  Fantasy football is a huge activity that captures the male’s attention around the country and hold their focus for 17 weeks a year.

Fantasy football is a curse in the modern day. Money, time and effort all get poured into a single team in which you may be disappointed in for a year. The game does have upsides though. Quality time with friends and family, and constant updates on the NFL, which make good conversation starters.  Fantasy football is now over, for now, but next year it will surely make yet another strong return.

What Can Cause Winter Blues?

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The term “Winter Blues” is often paired with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. SAD is a very common disorder which usually comes around Fall and affects the person until the winter months are over, but there are also many other reasons that one could be unhappy during the winter months.

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Salyers Sets Sights on Olympic Trials

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Photo: Sean Taylor
Photo: Sean Taylor

There is a Wesleyan Alumni that has made a big progression in his athletic career. Nick Salyers, class of 2012, has made an Olympic Trial cut in the pool and will compete at the Olympic Trials in June. The trials are held a month before the Olympics in Omaha, Nebraska. The top swimmers from around the country come and compete at the fastest and most competitive meet of the year. It is difficult to gain a cut for the trials, as they require not only speed, but endurance and grit.

When asked about his training regiment, Salyers said, “Currently, my main focus is on having my best year in the pool for the Bulldogs. So my schedule and training is not unlike my previous years at Georgia. We have however thrown in a few more long course (50 meter pool) meets into our typical schedule, like our dual meet against Florida which is normally short course (25 yard pool), in order to prepare for Olympic Trials. Also during the fall semester and over the breaks we did a lot more long course training in preparation for the Trials this summer.” Salyers had a good year for the Bulldogs, being one of the top contributors to the team.

In addition,he said, “I swim from 5:30-7am then have weights from 7:45-9 and then swim again in the afternoon from 2:45-5pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And then we have drylands from 2:15-3pm and then swim from 3:15-5pm every Tuesday and Thursday. We swim once for approximately 2 hours every Saturday and have Sunday off. The NCAA limits us to 20 hours of training per week. And we hit 20 hours exactly every week.”  Swimmers all around can attest to the fact that it is a harsh and exhausting training schedule.

Finally, I asked Salyers about his coaching staff and how they have helped him in his progression towards the trials.  He said, “Our coaches at Georgia are world class, but then we also have strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and access to everything we need to succeed in the pool, classroom and life beyond sports.”  Coaches are so important towards a strong training program, and Salyers is the first of many to say that the coaches are top notch at UGA.

When asked about how balancing studies and time in the pool worked out, Salyers said, “It can be difficult at times. You really do have to sacrifice a lot at times in order to maintain the kind of schedule that I keep. But I thrive in that sort of challenge. It has been very rewarding to take on the challenge of swimming at UGA. Swimming has opened up many doors for me and taught me a lot about myself and a lot about hard work.”

Salyers is still looking to shave time of his 100 meter Backstroke, which is the event that he will be swimming in Omaha this June. His training will continue until then, as he looks to attempt to make the Olympic team as a senior in college.

Wesleyan Definitely Has Talent

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    The Varsity Girls’ Cross Country Team dances to the song “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin.”
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From singers to dancers to magicians to improvisers, it’s clear that Wesleyan’s Got Talent.    The Wesleyan talent show was a great success this year. With a full auditorium and a brilliant student section, it is safe to say that everyone was entertained by the amazing talent portrayed by the Wesleyan students. The show included music acts by sophomores Grayson Ragsdale, Sumeet Singh and Michelle Tan, Annabel Rushing and Gigi Huggins. Also juniors Zach Green and Jessie Roberts and sisters, senior, Mary Cowart and freshman, Annie Cowart. The last music act was a rap by the swag master himself, freshman Miller Thompson. The show also included dancing acts by many members of Wesleyan’s varsity cross country team including both freshmen and seniors Beck Coxhead, Kylie Reed, and Mary Cowart; juniors Nikki Villa and Nicole Fasciana; sophomore Emma Surber, and freshmen Quinn Kaloper, Ashley Doran, Mary Ann Manley, and Annie Cowart. The show also included a magic act by junior Xavier Cooper, “piano improve” by seniors Carter Gravitt and Emma Anderson, and a poetry reading by sophomore Brooks Lalley.
The talent show was greatly enjoyed by the audience and the entertainers. (enter grade and name) said, (enter quote). Senior Beck Coxhead, who was in the talent show, said, “I think we really brought the house down with our sick dance moves.” Senior Ellie Bradach said, “It was really fun to spend more time with the Cross Country team after the season had ended. Though we may not have actually won, we won in our hearts.”
The talent show got some very positive feedback from the audience. Senior Camille High said, “The talent show was almost as great as broken in Birkenstocks.”

25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

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    1. SANTA
    2. Gingerbread houses
    3. Presents!
    4. Stockings
    5. Reindeer
    6. Christmas Carols
    7. Christmas socks
    8. Elf!
    9. Twinkly lights
    10. Snow globes
    11. Grandma and Grandpa
    12. Milk and cookies
    13. A great time to snuggle up by the fire
    14. Snowflakes!
    15. Those cool clocks that chime Christmas songs every hour
    16. Cut out cookies
    17. Chocolate countdowns
    18. Jesus’ birthday
    19. NO SCHOOL
    20. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
    21. Mittens!
    22. Yard decorations
    23. Mistletoe
    24. Family!
    25. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!!
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