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2016-2017 School Schedule

Administration Releases New School Schedule

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    The New 2016-2017 High School Schedule

Buckle up because administration has brought about a new schedule that will completely change the dynamic of the school day.  All credit for the new schedule lands squarely on administration, as they listened to the cry of the student body over the years and have decided to shake things up.

One of the largest changes to the schedule is the time change in time for office hours.  To increase attendance and use of this time, the new schedule will have office hours from 7:40-8:05 a.m., rather than 3:00-3:30p.m.  This will allow students to attend office hours with fresh minds and use the time provided to the fullest.

Chapel has also been moved to Thursday, which will allow the school more flexibility for gatherings such as pep rallies, spirit days and much more.  Clubs and activities, as well as the occasional speaker, will now be on Friday.

A new addition to the schedule is the “Flex Period.” This is a time when the school can have assemblies, drug testing, Peer Leadership, study halls and much more.  Each week will be different, attending to the needs of the student body and faculty.

The schedule will still rotate as it has in years past, however since two classes will rotate out of the schedule each day, the students will have some adjustments to make next year.

Junior Eric Panther is excited, yet nervous about the new schedule.  In a brief interview, he said, “I like how school is going to end earlier, thus practice will end earlier as well, however it will be more challenging to figure out which classes are rotating out.  Also, I am concerned because if teachers make their tests longer due to the hour long period, I will be bummed.”

Mrs. Wischerth is excited about the new schedule because of the school traditions that can be created due to the new schedule.  She said, “We can build in more transition to the schedule.  We can do new and fun things that will bring the student body together as a whole.”  She reminisced about her high school experience and how football players wore their jerseys on Friday before games.

The new schedule is in place and ready to be unveiled next school year.  This schedule was thought over meticulously by faculty across the high school and administration to create the best comprehensive learning experience.

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