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Spirit App Boosts School Spirit

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Spirit AppThe Wesleyan community is buzzing about the new release of the Spirit App for the iPhone and Android. Student government advisor, Brian Krehmeyer, is at the tip of the spear on this operation. Although he is still learning how to use the application in the most efficient and user-friendly way, he is on the verge of making major improvements such as push notifications that will inform the attendees on traffic, schedule changes and theme nights.

This new surge in school spirit has sprung about many fresh ideas such as the Wolf Pack club, which meets on Thursdays to make spirit items such as shakers or signs for games. Spanish teacher, Alex Bufton is sponsoring the new club and has brought a new energy to the student body and sports teams.

The way the Spirit App works is that the user checks in at the event and gains points that are added to both their individual and grade level point total. There are prizes periodically for the grade level with the highest point total such as donuts, jeans days, chicken biscuits or maybe even an exclusive grade lunch line for a day. The grand prize is a Six Flags season pass at the end of the year for the individual champion.



The Spirit App is also designed to accommodate the sports or events that historically have gathered fewer crowds and less attention. Those events will be worth more points to encourage the students to go out to games away from the Wesleyan campus. Other events will also be included on the Spirit App such as the famous “Red Carpet Premiere” and the “Coffee House.” The smart phone application is already beginning to bring more unity to the school and the student body, while also giving more support to sports teams across the board.

Krehmeyer is very excited about this new development in school spirit. When asked about the Spirit App, he said, “We were looking for a way to encourage the student body to ‘buy into events.’ We want to raise student awareness of events going around campus and to encourage participation and support all sports teams and major events. The Spirit App gives us the means to do this. It provides the students with an easy access to a calendar of major events and an incentive to support their friends and classmates by awarding them spirit points for their attendance.”

So far this year, attendance at many different sports has been significantly higher than in past years and is continuing to rise as the seasons wear on. Krehmeyer and Bufton both encourage the entire student body to continue to check their Spirit App for updates and upcoming events. The football games thus far are evidence that this new Spirit App is working wonders with the Wesleyan “Wolf Pack.”

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