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Marching Wolves “Dual” For Victory

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With less than ideal conditions including heavy winds, exhausted musicians, an unfinished performance and strong competition, the Marching Wolves were both shocked and excited to discover their numerous victories at the Oconee Classic Marching Contest on Sept. 30.

At the competition hosted by Baldwin High School, the Wesleyan band faced 19 others in five classifications, ranging from bands with under 40 members to those with over 400. As the classification is determined by the number of woodwinds and brass members in a marching band, Wesleyan is numerically set to perform in the single A division; however, to give them the advantage of a later performance and a larger audience, the Marching Wolves chose to perform against two other bands in the AA classification.

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Wrestling Hits the Mat for the New Season

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This upcoming season poses fierce competition for the Wrestling Wolves, but there is no backing down. The wrestlers are preparing for the season by getting in shape and eating healthier, to ensure their success. “We are practicing every day, conditioning and drilling moves.” said Head Coach, Dennis Stromie.

This season, the Wolves have a stacked team with returning senior and captain, William Delk, leading the pack along with the other top wrestlers, junior George Bielan and sophomore Harrison Dearth.

With most of the team still involved in prior athletic commitments, Stromie said, “We cannot put a whole team together yet due to fall sports still going on, but once football is over we will have our team back.” Once all the members are present in a few weeks, the team will start getting into the groove of the season. Keep Reading

Wesleyan Math Team Competes in Conyers

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According to the Wesleyan newsletter, “the Twelfth Annual Rockdale Mathematics Competition at Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology was attended by the Wesleyan Math Team on Saturday, September 24th.  There were 53 schools and 576 students from across the state of Georgia participating in this event.  This is the first time the Wesleyan Math Team has sent three complete teams. The varsity math team members consisted of Daniel Baisier, Sara Carmichael, Ethan Moon, and Angela Yang.  There were two JV teams to represent Wesleyan. The JV-B members consisted of Lauren Oakes, Katie Tanner, Braden Thorne and Daniel Woods while the JV-A team consisted of Matthew Plunk, Cameron Potter, Dylan Sullenberger and Andy Yang. Daniel Baisier received the Top School Individual Award with the highest points and the JV-A team won 2nd place in the Independent School Division.”

Mrs. Brown holds the JV second place trophy.
Math teacher Deborah Brown holds the JV second place trophy. BROOKS LALLEY

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Mock Trial Prepares for District Competition

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    The mock trial team won the region competition on Jan. 30. Matt Crew
  • mt3.jpg
    Sarah Borucki
  • mt2-3.jpg
    Senior twins Mason and Sarah Borucki won outstanding lawyer awards. Jack Connors

On of the most unique, practical and applicable activities at Wesleyan provides a competitive training ground for aspiring attorneys. Mock Trial has consistently drawn ample participation, and it remains a favorite among students. Senior Jack Connors said, “It is thrilling to compete in a real courtroom with actual judges.” Mock Trial competitions are held in real courtrooms where fictitious cases are tried by a real judge. Wesleyan’s team spends as much as three months preparing for competitions, working on every detail of the case.

This year, the team has attained notable success, winning the region competition on Jan. 30 The crew stands poised to dominate again this weekend at the district competition on Saturday, Feb. 27. Led by teachers Matt Crew and Joseph Cooper along with several Wesleyan parents, the team has an abundance of knowledge and experience at their disposal.

The case that was tried during the region competition this year was a second degree burglary charge. The charge was related to the theft of a 20 million dollar painting from an art museum. The prosecution accused the museum curator of assisting in the theft claiming that it had to have been an inside job. Meanwhile, the defense argued that there would be no motive for the curator.

Wesleyan competed against ten other teams in the region competition including GAC. Noteworthy accolades from the competition include two outstanding witness awards for freshman Patterson Beaman, an outstanding lawyer award for senior Mason Borucki and two outstanding lawyer awards for junior Sara Carmichael. The team’s strongest performance came from senior Sarah Borucki who swept the lawyer awards and won best lawyer in every round.

After a remarkable performance at region, the team is working hard to do even better at the district competition. Mason Borucki said, “We are working on minor tweaks that are more technical like tendering evidence and referring to specific laws correctly.” The team hopes to show continued improvement in these areas this weekend.

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