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Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

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    The final product of the decorated sugar cookies. ChowHound.

Do you have your cookies ready for Santa? Here is a tasty and simple Christmas cookie recipe for the holiday season.

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She Said; She Said

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Megan Bielan – Thin Mints

As spring approaches, another important season falls upon us: Girl Scout season. Their beloved cookies are being sold by cute, little Girl Scouts in front of the market or knocking on your door. The cookies themselves are almost impossible to resist, but when you add in the smiling little face, it becomes virtually impossible to turn down a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Keep Reading

Christmas and Thanksgiving Food Videos

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The Green and Gold staff recreates popular Tasty videos by Buzzfeed as seen all over social media. Here are some yummy recipes for this holiday season! Enjoy!


Christmas Ginger Bread House.
Christmas Gingerbread House.
Ginger Bread Turkey.
Gingerbread Turkey.
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