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Snapchat: Is it Controlling or Just a Necessary Outlet?

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Social media consumes the hours of many teenagers and adults. Although adults tend to stick with Facebook, the depleting role of social media is seen to disturb adults as well as kids. Teenagers have possibly abused the right of social media, but finding a healthy medium may help solve the issue with the addiction to this drug.

The most in demand social media app that high schoolers tend to gravitate towards is Snapchat. It is so easy to get caught up in a world away from the world as stress skyrockets and the craving for an escape increases. Snapchat is probably one of the most difficult apps to cleanse from because of the various attributes that this app holds including streaks, location devices, group chats, memories and stories. Essentially, Snapchat holds most of the characteristics and functions that other apps have, but all consolidated into one.

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Teachers Share Advice to the 2018 Graduates

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Dear Seniors,

“It’s not easy, but, then again, it’s not supposed to be easy.

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Senior Evergreens Branch Out

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Today is the last day of my 13 years at Wesleyan. Though sometimes it felt as if I had a never-ending string of tests and papers and homework, I can’t imagine graduating from anywhere else.

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Crosswolf Puzzle: Wesleyan People, Places and Things

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Click on the link below to fill out the crossword online.

In the crossword, you will find iconic Wesleyan teachers, students and more.


Wesleyan Service Day Makes an Impact

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Service Day was a chance for all Wesleyan students to get out and make a difference for others. Wesleyan students are incredibly fortunate to work at a school with such a dedicated staff and facilities crew, and the students were excited to be able to give back.

The first of a planned series of annual Service Days offered many opportunities to serve. Omicron Service Society Director Nathan Emmelhainz said, “[Service Day first came to fruition when] Kelsey Rappe came up with the idea (she remembered both 8th grade service day, and the HS service day that her older siblings did years ago). 5-10 years ago there was an annual service day that was a day of no classes for the whole high school.  This was changed with an intent to have service always be voluntary – rather than compulsory.  This year’s event was entirely voluntary, and was sufficiently successful that we will try it again next year.  It will remain voluntary – as an option on PSAT day.”

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