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Fourth Graders Enjoy the Last Few Months of Lower School

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High school students reflect fondly on their time in lower school, whether it was at Wesleyan or some different school, and remember learning math with shaving cream on their desk, running around on the playground and crushing on your desk partner. Keep Reading

Wesleyan Continues the Easter Play Tradition

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Easter has always been a well-celebrated holiday on the Wesleyan campus. From the lower school Easter egg hunt, to the high school viewing of the 4th grade Easter play, every student has been involved in the celebration of Jesus’s sacrifice and return from the grave.

The 4th graders worked hard for a week to get their Easter play “show ready.” With the help of the 4th grade parents, the show was able to run smoothly for both the parental showings as well as the class viewings.

Teacher and grade chair Sarah Kate Wilson said, “We have an army of moms behind the scenes that work flawlessly to pull off each performance.” All teachers agreed that the show would not go on without the aid of dedicated mothers.

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The Fourth Grade Easter Play: A Wesleyan Tradition

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Easter is a right around the corner and that means students, teachers, parents and more will gather to see the Easter story come to life. Every year, fourth grade students in the lower school put on a play that tells the story of Easter from Jesus’ crucifixion to his resurrection. After weeks of rehearsals, students perform this show for family members, faculty and students of all grade levels on March 21st and 22nd.

Fourth grade teachers Fiona Owen, Sarah Kate Wilson and Brittany Knight help to put on the play and prepare the students for their roles. Owen said, “In preparation for the Easter Play, we choose parts very carefully to match the students’ preferences. We run lines together in the classroom after watching the previous year’s Easter play production. Finally, we guide the students with stage direction, voice projection, reaction, anticipation of lines and background knowledge.”

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