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Elizabeth Schneider

Spring Sports Preview

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It is a new year, and that means that it is time for the start of the spring sports season. All of Wesleyan’s spring athletes and coaches are preparing for tryouts or the beginning of practice. The Wolves’ spring sports teams had a record-breaking last year, but now they are getting ready for their best season yet. Here is what the Wolves will be up to this spring:

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Disney Plus and the New Age of Streaming

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In this new age of technology, people have the opportunity to access millions of digital content on various mobile devices. One such content source is streaming applications, which has been a beneficial alternative to going to the movie theatre. People can just pull up Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Go and have access to a wide variety of movies, television series and original content. A genius idea for the new millennium, but is this hurting the way people see movies? Have people changed their ways so dramatically that streaming is the new form of viewing cinema?

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Omicron Team Breaks Record with Over 100 Volunteers

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Service could not be exemplified better than by the Wesleyan Omicron Service Society. Omicron is an after-school activity where many Wesleyan high school students volunteer to serve the Peachtree Corners community. While they go to many different locations, they mainly focus on tutoring younger children and spending time with the elderly. Members of the team, including sophomore Elizabeth Schneider, think of Omicron as an “enriching opportunity to serve others.” It gives students the opportunity to reach out and improve not only the children’s lives, but also the future of Peachtree Corners. Keep Reading

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