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Sophie’s Declassified Exam Survival Guide

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    Junior Adam Rogers follows Andy Yang’s advice by taking a lot of naps throughout studying. Sophie Zetzsche.
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    Senior Grace Kennedy studies in advance for her math exam, according to her study schedule. Sophie Zetzsche.

After Thanksgiving, the country puts away the turkey and heads straight into full on Christmas mode. The lights are out, the trees are up while everyone eagerly awaits Santa’s arrival, but before students middle school to graduate school can get fully into the Christmas cheer, they must get through one very important event before they can join in on the Christmas carols: Exam Week.
This week is the “bane of existence” for most students. However, with a few simple study tips, exam week can go from miserable to enjoyable, so you can enter your Christmas break with high spirits and without sleep deprivation.

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Students’ Declassified: Exam Survival Guide

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The month of December is here. While students may be dreaming of sugarplums, Christmas cookies and rare free time, December also brings the nightmare of first semester exams. During the week of Dec. 10-16, students will rush around the halls to find answers to last minute questions and discuss strategies for the ominous free response questions.

Exams put students into a full-on frenzy, as they often prove to be the most difficult class assessments. Sophomore Tatum Connor said that unlike regular tests, exams cover “a lot more material, and studying for them is more time-consuming.”

Well, have no fear, Wesleyan students. After five years of exam experience, we are here to help guide you through the stress and chaos that exams bring. For the optimal studying experience, try the following tips:

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How to Ace Exams

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Exams are coming up and many students are beginning to stress out. There are many studying tips that can improve testing and grades.

Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.
Junior Payton Kaloper stresses about exams. Brooks Lalley.

One way to study is with frequent breaks. Obviously, do not take a ten minute break every five minutes, but to study in small amounts. These amounts can be 20 or so minutes with a quick five minute break in between to relax. Also, do no study all in one night. Studying over a span of days will help spark the brain retaining the information in a healthier manner.

Another way to study is to study at the end of the day, right before bed. This studying habit will lock in the information as the brain strengthens new memories while asleep, giving the brain a chance to remember what was learned the night before. Keep Reading

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