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Fantasy Football Update: 2016

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    Russell Wilson Credit: Peter Yang

Fantasy football has wrecked us all again this season. As the season has finally winded down, the majority of boys are murmuring how they do not want to play again because of the emotional turmoil that it caused in the recent months.

Wesleyan has several leagues that run within it. The seniors have a large league that has been in tact since 8th grade. This year’s winner, Clint Prettyman, said, “This was my first time winning the league. I have made the playoffs many times but have never been able to capitalize. I won the championship this year as the last team into the playoffs as the 4th seed.”

When asked about his team, Clint commented that his team struggled at times during the season. He said, “Some key contributors to my team this year was the QB duo between Carson Palmer and Russell Wilson and Amari Cooper.” He also managed to pick up Devonta Freeman and Doug Martin as free agents. Congratulations to Clint Prettyman as the winner of the senior league.

Now to look at the other side of the spectrum. The loser of the senior league, Drew Aspinwall, was pretty upset about his season. Aspinwall said, “It’s a game of inches.” Aspinwall managed to drop Todd Gurley before his spree of good play. Aspinwall also commented, “There is a slim difference from first to last.”

The junior class also had a good league this past year which ended with a winner of Ryan Weed.  There were leagues throughout all grades at Wesleyan, across the Metro Atlanta area, and even around the world.  Fantasy football is a huge activity that captures the male’s attention around the country and hold their focus for 17 weeks a year.

Fantasy football is a curse in the modern day. Money, time and effort all get poured into a single team in which you may be disappointed in for a year. The game does have upsides though. Quality time with friends and family, and constant updates on the NFL, which make good conversation starters.  Fantasy football is now over, for now, but next year it will surely make yet another strong return.

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